NEM 220521 - Flaws

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Upon the timeless rock, honed and shaped,
The master of the craft waited, aged and tired.
Marks of long work, grand and inspired;
A marred facade, for never their desire slaked.
  Before the stone, a fledgling gaped and stared,
Mind pacing in awe and sorrowful admiration.
'How? How does one become perfection?'
The master stirred, a hopeless question bared.
  Past flesh and bone, their eyes saw and sought,
Into a soul they bored with withering gaze.
A young light they found; a flickering blaze,
Full of the fire the master now had aught.
  The master mused, brooding upon the answer,
Fearing a fledgling shattered from the reply.
Issuing forth a mighty and weighted sigh,
Prepared to pass on their aching cancer.
  'Despair. Hone thy talent in despair.
Walk and wallow, bled and broken.
The danger of passion I have spoken,
For pain and perfection, they are a pair.'
  Fledgling silent, mulling the master's verdict.
Fighting pain and truth, they overcame fear,
Finally, a mantra found the master would hear,
'So be it. I must strive for the imperfect.'
  - SK

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Written by Sheyla Enelladalcol Aeleat

Edited by Shikya Enelladalcol Aeleat

Mindcepts by Ella Enelnasalcol Malric


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21 May, 2022 13:51

That is a really deep and well done verse! *Adds to poetry book*

21 May, 2022 14:24

Awwww! Thank you so much! <3

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