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Watch Cruiser

Cruiser motorcycles, known as cruisers, are styled for relaxed rides with a laid-back riding position, featuring low seat heights, high handlebars, and forward foot pegs. This posture allows riders to comfortably cruise, hence the name, especially over long distances. They typically have larger engines with a lot of low-end torque, making them less about high-speed performance and more about smooth, stable rides.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

  • Capacity: 1
  • Cargo: 20#
  • Speed: 50 feet
  • Armor Class: 13 plus Dex or Int modifier
  • Hit points: 23
  • Size: medium
  • Tech Level: 1
  • Resistances: cold

This vehicle runs off a battery that can be recharged at the barracks. Each charge lasts 200 miles. This battery onlt requires replacement if it is completely drained or broken. Consider the battery broken if the vehicle reaches 0 hit points. These are durable basic machines with a strong chassis and thick, large, run-flat tires with heavy treads. They don’t offer any protection to the rider. These bikes operate like mounts instead of vehicles for the purpose of combat.

Manufacturing process

Most of these machines were salvaged from before the Fall and the Engineers have fixed them up. There are a few that have been made from salavaged parts and an rarer few that have been fashioned from scrap.


Cruiser motorcycles originated in the United States and gained prominence after World War II, when soldiers returning home sought a sense of freedom and adventure. They began customizing their bikes, inspired by the American-made machines that were designed for long, comfortable rides on the highways. This customization led to the creation of cruisers, characterized by a distinctive riding position, low seat height, and an emphasis on style over speed.   Brands like Harley-Davidson became synonymous with cruiser bikes, cultivating a culture of camaraderie and rebellion. While the Harley-Davidson company no longer exists, their motorcycles can still be found in the world and still carry the history and associations that company enjoyed.


There is a prestige associated with riding on a Watch Cruiser. They are the only motorcycles generally used in Camp Hope and they have a specified color that make them stand out. People within Camp Hope know that only members of the watch that are in good standing are allowed the use of such equipment.
Current Location
Owning Organization
Base Price
10,000 credits


Author's Notes

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