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Research Tablet

This advanced piece of miniaturized electronics permits wireless access to the internet as well as providing help with everyday tasks. This device allows you to senf messages to anyone with a tablet and carries a directory of all users. This allows you to more easily find the informtion you are looking for by readily connecting you with the appropriate Scribe expert. The device also allows you to search the Scribe index of holdings. You gain a +1 bonus to any Intelligence ability or skill check.

Raw materials & Components

These devices are created using scavanged resources. They have also been sourced from the hospital itself as there were many computers and tablets in use during the Time Before and were readily available as hospital equipement.


These are reserved for the Scribes. Those outside this faction rarely have a tablet available to them and it would not be connected to the services as described here.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

These devices function as a modern tablet.


This device is highly envied by others. it is seen as being given a powerful piece of the technology from the Before Time.
Current Location
Owning Organization
8 inch screen


Author's Notes

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