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Level 1 Half-orc Monk

The city of Vantam is a cesspool of corruption, and Thorne is a man caught in the tide of its darkness. At least, that's how he sees it. Life has always been hard for the half-orc. He and his brother were forced to raise themselves after their parents disappeared. They were hardly around before they ran off, and so it was no great shock to the brothers. Before long, they were both running with a street gang calling themselves The Brigands, and the fact that they were living a life of crime never even really registered with the pair. It was just what their life was, doing what they had to do.

He was always physically strong, and one of the older members of The Brigands took note of this and began to show the young half-orc how to use that strength. Thorne took to the lessons in carefully controlled violence quickly and he soon discovered there was more than just punching through problems to the lessons. He was taught to harness the power within to move like the wind and strike like thunder.

Thorne did not enjoy violence, but it was a tool he used to get jobs done. Eventually, one of those jobs caught up to him and his brother. They were both arrested by city Enforcement and Thorne was sentenced to a long stretch in Shorebend Correctional Facility. He doesn't know what happened to his brother.

Mental characteristics


Smuggling, stealing, extortion, and bodyguarding are all part of Thorne's early career. He does honest work if he can get it but finds that loading merchant ships in Shorebend is a dead end with little reward.

Personality Characteristics


Thorne might seem to just be surviving day to day but he is deeply interested in uncovering the corruption that rots Vantam from within. He knows the council is crooked, and the mages are hoarding power while the poor face dwindling options, and he wants to know what it's all for. He believes that his last job might have taken him a little too close to uncovering something dark and that's why he's been locked up and separated from his brother.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Thorne is an able martial artist with a quickness that belies his size. He has mastered the art of channeling his Ki to enhance his already intimidating battle prowess.


Social Aptitude

Words are not Thorne's strong suit. It's not that he's mean or that he dislikes others, it's that he doesn't believe there is much use in talking with most people. Everyone lies anyway, so what is the point of conversation? This can lead others to view him as standoffish and rude.

Wealth & Financial state

Thorne is a poor boy from a poor family. He's never had much, but he doesn't need much. He knows how to get by.
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Current Residence
Shorebend Correctional Facility
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
230 lbs


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