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Hellfire Prowler

Image courtesy of Laura Day on Pinterest
A horrifying creature of the abyss, this beast takes the form of a lion but is made of no flesh or bone. Instead it is of pure fire and molten iron.   This horrific monster is created purely for the hunt, Spending the majority of it's time in Avernus. Some misguided people that do not understand what they are getting themselves into can summon one to the material plane by using an ancient, almost forgotten arcane blood ritual. However, this spell is no simple magic, instead it would take a skilled mage some time to cast and is not without its risks. If anything were to go wrong the summoner's body could be torn asunder and their soul dragged down to the abyss.   A beast of pure malice and aggression, the Hellfire Prowler does not stalk its prey like any normal lion. Instead it is bred and summoned for one thing, to tear its target limb from limb and drag it's soul back to Avernus. It cannot be stopped, it cannot be reasoned with, it is relentless in it's mission and feels no remorse or fear. If it has you in its sights you are doomed. Fortunately it can only survive on the material plane for a short time, normally 5 days to a week at most. Therefore it does not have long to accomplish its mission before the connection is lost and it is banished to whence it came once more.   When not on the material plane these fearsome lesser demons are used as hunters of the weak souls, tormenting them for eternity by preying on them and incinerating them, only for these poor souls to be reincarnated, only to be hunted again.   As a soul hunting demon from the Abyss, the Hellfire Prowler is a mortal enemy of the Ki-Rin, the noble creatures of the celestial planes. These two will fight each other to the death if ever encountered. If a Ki-Rin knew one of these beasts of fire had made it's way to the material plane, it would hunt it down to protect the innocent peoples of the world from it's wrath. Being constructed of pure burning wrath and flame, it's nemesis is any source of water, and elemental frost magic. These it is very weak against so it will try it's best to avoid coming into contact with these. Water it can tolerate briefly, but frost magic, it will turn and flee from rather than deal with that or it will take severe damage.
Scientific Name
Felis Ignis
Abyssal Demon

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