Ihene Endoworth

The first witness of a tragedy

Written by ninne124

A woman who lived most of her life in Briarholm. Ihene lead a fairly normal life. She was born in the late spring in the year 1447 ADF and died in the year of 1523 ADF at the age of 72. She was a part of a larger family, a lot of cousins and siblings. Though, most of her family lives in the next town over and not in Briarholm. She moved away from them when she was 21, as she had fallen in love and was getting married to a man who lived in Briarholm.  

The Milnought Family Murders

Her life turned from ordinary to unusual when she, on her way home late at night, found a dead body sprawled over a bench. This was the first body found in relation to the The Milnought Family Murders. It was only the first body of many, and the investigators on the case often came back to ask her more questions.

Family life

Ihene had three sisters and two brothers, she was the smallest child in a family full of bright children. She went on to work for a shoemaker in Briarhill, where she met her future husband. The two of them took over the shoemaker shop in town after they married.
1447 ADF 1523 ADF 76 years old
Circumstances of Death
Old Age
Warm Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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