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A Watery Grave

Written by ninne124

An Ethedesi is a spirit that resides in water streams, rivers and lakes. They are known to be malevolent and conniving creatures who lure people to their body of water and drowns them; both for entertainment and food. To do this, they imitate a person's loved one's voice and cry out in fear. The victim will be sure they just heard their child, partner, best friend or parent calling for help and screaming.   When they come to the water, the spirit looks just enough like the loved one when they lay there, pretending to have drowned.  
The victim will most likely get in the water to try and pull the spirit out, but the illusion breaks once you get to close. However, when they realise that it's not their loved one, it will be too late.  


No one truly knows how an Ethedesi looks. Many people claim to have seen their true form, but Ethedesi master illusions and there's no telling if they're currently changing their appearance or not.   Most agree that they are a dark ashy grey that can blend in well with the bottom of a river or the stones in the lake. Other's have described a set of sharp teeth as well as big, white and soulless eyes.
by Ninne124
Dark Entity   Danger Level
Medium - deadly, but will only kill if the victim goes into their body of water.  
This creature can be pulled into the human realm by the use of Dark Magic.
The Ethedesi is believed to be a myth by most people, but all who are involved with the otherworldy (dark creatures, magic or even were-creatures) know that most of these so-called myths hold some truth to them.   Sadly, the Ethedesi is a completely genuine creature.

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That was so dark, but really nicely written. Keep up the amazing work Ninne!