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Emmery Anka

Heart of the Duck Council

Emmery Anka

Emmery Anka is a well-known and well-liked person in Vatnsil, Ashilder. They're mainly known for their work as the Spokesperson for the Vatnsil Duck Council and for being an expert on Secki Ducks. Furthermore, they're known for their cheery demeanor and for being very helpful.  
The Duck Sum Upping gained a lot of attention from the public after Emmery became the spokesperson for the duck council!   They really managed to captivate the community with the decorating of the streets and the informational pamphlets and posters!
— Citizen of Vatnsil

Life of Emmery

Emmery was born on a sunny spring day in the year 1536 ADF in Vatnsil, Ashilder. They showed an interest in animals and plants from an early age, as well as great writing skills.   Emmery's most notable passions include writing, mushrooms and counting ducks.  


Emmery did well during their school years and was one of the young people who decided to pursue a higher education. Emmery was accepted into a course for professional writing and communications and graduated with very high marks.  

Duck Council

At the age of 26, Emmery applied for a position on the duck council and was acepted as a duck counter. During the first few years, Emmery produced lots of great material for the council and 5 years later, they were made the spokesperson for the council. Emmmery is often credited with the rising popularity of the Duck Sum Upping in Vatnsil.   They've utilised their writing talent in their work for the Duck Council, since they serve as the main communicator between the council and the public. Emmery makes the informational pamphlets that inform about the timing of the annual Duck Sum Upping as well as the pamphlets on rules and guidelines. They've also engineered the current counting technique used by most duck councils.
Year of Birth
1536 ADF 48 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization

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Author's Notes

Small article inspired from Emy's (Seruki) wish to be on the duck council :3

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