Ul Kaerek

Also referred to as the Sea of Kaerek, the Ul Kaerek is an ocean that lies east of Dálnaes. It was believed to be endless until recent decades, when Thali explorers discovered a new archipelago populated by a strange people who pointed them toward a new continent, called the Farlands. Since then, travel throughout the Ul Kaerek has risen in frequency as the empire has attempted to form trade agreements with the Farlanders. Zarglÿf has attempted forming relations as well, though theirs have focused more on enslaving the populace rather than trade.



Along with whales, sharks, fish, and other creatures one would expect to find in an ocean, the Ul Kaerek is home to a number of more mysterious creatures including selkies, sea dragons, and colossal leviathans. Sailors have an inexhaustible number of tales to tell about the horrors of the deep ocean.

The coastal waters of the Ulkaerek Sea are ripe with fish, sea lions, otters, and other seafaring creatures, as well as a number of aquatic plants unique to a saltwater environment. Farther out to sea, whales, dolphins, and sharks are all common sights, though there are a great number of more mysterious creatures as well.

Selkies Leviathans Sea Dragons The Great Kara-Kara

Alternative Name(s)
Sea of Kaerek


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