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Shepherd's Crook

Shepherd's Crook is a town and a major trading post established shortly after the Unification War by Wikor Barik (the Shepherd) and his band of bandits, the Flock. It is known for its vast marketplaces, where you can find almost anything, legal or not.

Location and size

Shepherd's Crook overlooks the western side of the Northern Pass, gateway through the Pagai Mountains. It houses about a 1000 souls, though the number of caravans and transients passing through inflates that number.


  Though the town itself is not huge, several landmarks are worth visiting. The Town Square is not really a square, but the main road, parallel to the east-west trade route. It is an enormous marketplace and the social center of the town, full of both legitimate sellers and swindlers waiting for their mark. In the center of Shepherd's Crook, the Barik Mansion stands. The three-story house is a faithful replica of the old Upper Bodding mayor's house, though the interior is much more opulent than its pre-war equivalent. Finally, a small point of contention between the town's leadership and the Erwy Crown, the Shepherd Museum can be visited by all interested. It displays the original crook, clothes and diary entries of the town's founder, helpful dioramas of mountain traps and several treasures unclaimed by anyone during the post-war reconciliation with the Crown.
  If the item you sought was nowhere to be found, you are welcome to visit one of several beer cellars marked discreetly with a red shepherd's crook sigil. There, helpful personnel will lead you into a interconnected network of tunnels, leading outside of town. At your destination, the even more friendly merchants will dazzle you with choice of the rarest goods, including experimental sefia-imbued substances and materials, as well as genuine treasures recovered from the sinking oceanic ruins. Your safety will be assured. After all, accidents are bad for business.


  Shepherd's Crook was founded in 3 AU by Wikor Barik (the Shepherd), after royal pardons were issued for him and his associates after the Unification War. Reputation and spoils of war allowed Barik to rebuild a settlement of Upper Bodding, completely demolished during the war, under a new name. During the last 110 years, the town remained largely under control of the founding families, though the Bariks moved to the shadows, allowing others to put their names as official proprietors of local businesses. Though founded by a band of highwaymen, the town sustained its legitimacy enough to attract serious traders, like the Norwod Company, and establish trading relations not entirely based on smuggling.
Trade post


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