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Gold fever

A precious metal that has a new renascence cause some new creations.


Material Characteristics

Its a lustrous yellow precious metal with form of a nugget or a flake.

Physical & Chemical Properties

  • Heavy
  • Almost indestructible
  • Hard but malleable.
  • Can fell the heat and react to lightning.


Can be melted and combined with silver, copper or zinc to increase its hardiness and create jewerly, gold ware or coinage.

Geology & Geography

Can be founded in volcanic regions, in copper, silver or iron mines combined with those elements or in rivers.

History & Usage


This metal is one of the few that attract the attention of any race from humans and minotaurs, the "new races" up to dwarves and saurians, the old races.

Since the beginning the gold is used as body adornment and accepted as payment for goods and services.

In recent times a gnome woman, Eldior Farwi Merziver , create an empire based in silver and gold, making herself a new "gold fever"

Everyday use

Gold is used to forge coins since long time ago and as body adornment.

A gnome inventor designed machinery to mold the gold into figurines, rings, earnings and start to combine them with other gems to maximize his attractiveness, the desire of possession and its cost.

Moreover she found that other metals can be "varnished" with gold therefore be accessible to common people.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Whit the new gold fever in full time a lot of organizations are requesting a lot of gold or golden pieces; like golden goblets, symbols of their faith even ceremonial golden armors or weapons.


In natural state is melted and combined with other materials to increase its hardiness.

Manufacturing & Products

At this time a lot of jewelry a gold ware is manufactured because a golden fever.

All the important cities in the world use gold as base coinage but lesser towns and village use copper or silver, is rare found gold coins in there.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Eldior Farwi Merziver follow the steps of his great grandfather Coghlom Merziver as inventor and alchemist, she found a lot of good properties of the gold as conductor of heat and lightning, the way its not affectedby corrosive substances.

She create a set of cups that, with some divine magic, can purify liquids from venom and other ill components. Before his discoveries, and this set, not other substance can be enchanted on this way.


Some beings have or develop allergic reactions to this material, very few fatal cases.

Reusability & Recycling

The pieces of gold can be melted and reused without trouble.


Trade & Market

Arendort has the largest industry of gold manufacturing and is the principal market of this metal.

A few minotaur cities have their own process but are behind and humans create a partnership with the gnome emporium to start his production. Humans and Dwarves are the greatest markets.

One new market are the churches that begin to request specific items for its ceremonies.


197 g
Elemental / Molecular
There are few gold mines in the world. The most golden deposits are combined with other metals. Rumors say that rivers in the suthern region of the western continent have a lot of gold; but is an inhospital, unexplored region.
Boiling / Condensation Point
2970 °C
Melting / Freezing Point
1064 °C
19.3 g/cm3
Common State


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