Cybertron rises Breaking of the Primes

Breaking of the Primes

Life, Death


The peace after Unicron strains and then breaks with anger and death.

For a time afterward, there is an uneasy peace between the primes. But the corruption and betrayal ways on them and soon they begin to disperse. Before they leave Primus speaks within the minds of each of his children and asks of each to give a bit of themselves to a special device Solus is building so that if needed after their natural deaths so he could remember them always. On the conditions that none would be forced to stay if they did all agree to their father and creator's last request.   After Solus has built the device she hid the original away and made copies for each of her brothers. Last was her some would say lover Megatronus and to him, she planned to tell him the secret....but he was incensed on being last and after a heated argument in his rage, he stabbed her through with the very sword she created for him.   Megatronus is caught red-handed by the others and is subdued by his siblings. They strip him of his effects and banished him. The brothers agreed he shall be known to the archive as The Fallen. He lost the right to be their brother.

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