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Flavored Energon

A bot was experimenting with a captured Energon Convertor on the energon rust mixtures from the Rust Sea. At first, it was an undigestable mess but as he thinned out the ratio of cleaner energon the village produced with that of the Rust Sea he created an edible and flavored Energon Chip that was a bit spicy to his sensors.   Realizing the potential to morale he began exploring other mixtures. The purer the energon going the harder the initial kick to their sensors. The ninety-nine percent batch he called High-Grade, the one hundred percent pure offlined him for two days and was not made again.   The ratio of sixty-five percent clean energon to the flavorant was worked out to yield several more variants:   Slow Burn: Added ingredient Rust Sea fluid. The sensation of burning as it converts to liquid and warmth flowing through their systems until their system filters out the rust and isolates it and repurposes it.   Night Light: Added ingredient weapon-grade plasma. Similar initial burn as the rust but the user's optics take on a glow the same shade as that of the originally introduced plasma. Too much, in a short time will offline the bot as their systems think they were struck by a plasma-based weapon in the eyes.   Twitcher: Added ingredient liquid H2O. Rare on Cybertron but the clear liquid, when used as an ingredient, causes the user's sensors to detect rust on their exterior. Which causes their servos to move erratically.   Blue Space: Added ingredient quintesson Plasmoid Wine. The imbibing has no immediate effect, then once the liquid hits their internal tank they shudder and go offline. While offline the drinker has a hallucination of them flying through an endless sea/sky of baby blue light.

Components and tools

Energon Convertor, semi-pure energon and something else to mix in.


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