Bonnie Appetit

Well hello there! It's an absolute pleasure to meet ya, sweets.
What can I make ya today? You're far too skinny.
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Bonnie Appetit has been traveling Culinaria for over 150 years collecting stories, recipes, good times, and great memories. While on the road, she began to develop a joint travel log and cookbook to keep track of her adventures titled "150 Shades of Buffet."
Race: Grubforged
Homeland: Simmeroon

Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 165

On The Road

Bonnie Appetit has been traveling from coast to coast her entire life. Growing up in a herd of other grubforged helped her gain experience in a variety of cuisine before branching out to her own touring business. She's become known as "Ma" Bonnie for her grandmotherly demeanor, even as a young woman.

  Ma Bonnie was originally a bronze-toned grubforged but has had quite a few replacements in recent years. She's had multiple front burners, two arms, and her hind trailer removed to make movement easier in her advanced age, as well as implanting her hands with copper during a midlife crisis, claiming they would have better reactions while working with the food.

  Nowadays, Ma walks with a copper cane and always has a bottle of cooking oil on her hip for the bad joint days. She still cooks with her single burner whenever she can but the days of preparing fine multi-course meals are far behind her.

World Famous Chef

Although grubforged are some of the most prolific chefs in Culinaria, they're not known for the quality of their food. This changed when Ma Bonnie came around. Keeping her style based in homecooking and comfort, Ma let the best of the continent influence her flavors. She continues to tour the continent in search of rising stars to mentor and help build their own food empires.



Ma Bonnie would say she was self-taught, but her education has come from masters of flavor around Culinaria. By traveling the continent for over a century she's picked up tips and tricks from all walks of life, from the BBQ Pit Master himself to the Muffin Man warlocks of the Sugarcanaan Isles. Ma claims her skills will continue to develop until her joints rust over.


A typical job was never in Ma's calling. She began apprenticing with older members of her herd who taught her the ropes of grubforgery before striking out on her own independently. Her first market was a success and she made a name for herself in the grubforged circles. Soon, she became the go-to grubforged and her catering services were requested at high society functions.


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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
23 Aug, 2022 21:29

You had me at "150 Shades of Buffet."

Check out the Bekiskpan — originators of the chain mail bikini and my entry for “On the Shoulders of Giants.”
Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
23 Aug, 2022 21:50

Eyy, Ma Bonnie's been around the butcher's block a few times ;D

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