2023 Roadmap

The official roadmap for Culinarypunk content!
What? More? Of course there's more! Look at you, you've barely eaten! Come, let's beef you up a bit. Have you seen what I've been cooking up recently? No? Where have you been!?
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer
2023 is the year of content! I have so many plans for both Culinarypunk and Beckettville, but you're here for one thing: more Culinarypunk! I can't wait to share this zany world with you all and look forward to an amazing 2023!


Playable Subclasses
Have you been waiting for bring a bit of flavor to your homebrew games?
Your patience has paid off! Multiple subclasses will be released
in the first few months of 2023!  
Kingdom Gazetteer
A more detailed breakdown of each Kingdom of Culinaria is coming soon!
With these articles, your players will have the basic knowledge to begin creating their character's backgrounds!


The first Culinarypunk one shot!
This Adventure April, I'll be releasing my first one shot within Culinaria.
No major details about the plot yet, but lots of fun planning!  
World Cleanup
Culinarypunk is a bit of a mess and will only continue to spiral out into a saucy mess. To avoid this, I'll be spending some time organizing and reformatting some things around my WA site to make things easier to navigate and sort. Some of this will be behind the scenes work, but you will see visible differences in the categories and some of the CSS during this time!


Culinarypunk is getting a boost this Summercamp! I'll be going for a Diamond badge and focusing my month entirely on building up my worlds, so look out for tons of silly articles of all sorts!  
Frenzy Recovery
The Frenzies of the Sugarcanaan Isles were an incredibly difficult time for all Culinarians. Despite the exhaustion, they were able to come back twice as strong after a short recovery period. I'll be taking the month of August as a "chill month," so don't expect much content right after Summercamp! Don't forget to rest your own troops (those fingers tippy tappin' away) and take some time to turn your brain off! No burnout!


Whoa! NaNo time already!? Well, I really shouldn't spoil my plans so early, but I can give you all a few hints through the year! It will take place in Culinaria and involve characters you will get to know this year through Culinarypunk articles.  
WorldEmber 2022 was rough. I did it in a week rather than a month and I am not letting that happen again. WorldEmber 2023 will be a month of inspiration and growth rather than panic and frantic clackling at the keys. I'll be setting my low goal at 20k, 10k in worldbuilding and 10k in creative writing, specifically Culinarypunk fiction of different lengths and styles.


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