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Inaki (Fiery) (After 282AP)

Inaki (in-AH-kee) (Meaning: Fiery. Origin: Spain) Colors: Red (Fire, Beauty, Love, Power), Black (Mourning, Night, Death, Power), White (Elegance, Peace, Funerals)   The Inaki are a bold and adventurous people who value technology and creativity. Their climate is varied, with tall mountains and long coastlines, and they seek to understand and imitate the environment around them, mimicking the flora and fauna around them with their technological developments.


Major language groups and dialects

Inaki (in-AH-kee) (Mixture of Latin, Spanish and French)

Average technological level

The wheel, Masonry, Soap, Airships, Solar glass (510AP), Thermal powered turbines (volcanic), Complex machinery, Clockwork, Steam engine

Common Etiquette rules

A firm handshake with eye contact is standard. Handshakes are used at both the beginning and end of a conversation. Using the person’s first name, even if you don’t know them, is typically appropriate for etiquette.   When one is invited to someone’s home, it is traditional to bring a small gift for the hostess/host. The gift should be well wrapped.

Common Dress code

Not overly casual, they prefer to dress elegantly, Often colorful and well-fitted.

Art & Architecture

Art: Art Nouveau, in the architecture and murals. Blown and stained glassworks.   Architecture: Gothic and sometimes ornate, with stucco walls, rounded arches, and an asymmetrical façade.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Gifts are showered upon the parents to welcome the baby and help the parents.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Bodies are prepared and placed in and around family mausoleums or crypts. Candles are lit for the deceased, and a dirge is sung over their grave. The candles are burned through the night.

Common Taboos

Wearing tattered and dirty clothing outside of one's home or job (that gets one messy), Stealing from the dead

Common Myths and Legends

(Beauty: Belina, Fire and Madness: Xiomara, Death: Elora, Truth: Vera, Bravery: Valencia)


Beauty Ideals

Elegant, colorful clothing, Well groomed and styled hair.

Courtship Ideals

Quiet interest, careful romance. Interest is carefully communicated via the language of flowers.

Relationship Ideals

Communication in an established relationship is open and honest, with both parties taking equal responsibility.

Parent ethnicities

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