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What is your World?


What is your World?

  This article is meant to be an example for new users of World Anvil to help explain how flexible a "World" is. A World Anvil "World" can be the size of your imagination and the shape of your dreams. It can represent a city, a continent, a world, a cosmos or multiverse. Your World Anvil World is your project and it can have multiple realities, planets or worlds within it. Your world needs to serve your purpose. Some example are; designing it as a writer for short stories, writing novels, or games. Maybe your world could serve as the hub or character vault for your weekly table-top role playing game. Maybe you use your world as a teaching aid in creative writing or as a test bed for CSS formatting. I figured it would be easier to answer this question by calling in some creative and talented fans to provide their worlds as examples.  
Toy Soldier Saga
  The Toy Soldier Saga universe is a fantasy space opera universe with an emphasis on military SFF in a colonial age. Elves, gnomes, orcs, goblins, and the various familiar fantasy species compete for star systems and their resources, which are interconnected by wormholes. Age of Sail technology combines with magic to navigate this "world," in a blend that can maybe best be described as Master & Commander meets World of Warcraft meets Treasure Planet.   "They say that elves were the first to make it into the stars. Through their relationship with the cosmic Trees of Life, they learned to modify and use the Starseeds they produced to navigate space. In ancient times, they formed the great Avalonian Empire, which spanned star systems. But the goblins were probably next, and the other Known Races followed. They invented the first magical starfaring engine, called a spindizzy. They discovered that the Void wasn't quite empty. There were animals and monsters who made the stars their home, including races even more disturbing and strange... The goblins were joined by the rest of the Fomorian races: orcs, trolls, ogres, and so on. Battles raged across Known Space as the wars of elves and orcs played out their legacy of hatred across the stars themselves. Now the Avalonian Empire, an empire in name only, is a shadow of what it once was. And the Fomorians are once more ready to rise up and do battle..."  

  Miand'Mésvéstell is ultimately about an Avatar of you the reader who traverses the Great Archive of Avikhre in search for knowledge regarding the greater Existence and all it has to offer.  
  • Imagine my world as this Great Archive.
  • Each of its wings are Realities.
  • Each of its extending sectors are Alternate Realities.
  • Each of its levels are different Eras within Time.
  • Each bookshelf is a nation.
  • Each book an individual or an event.
  • Each letter an experience that has shaped it to be as it is.

    An Introduction to Isekai
    Generic article | Jan 9, 2023

    No matter where or how you enter this world known as Isekai, you will find yourself on the edge of adventure, a single choice leading you forth into the mysteries and histories that were deeply changed by war.

      Isekai is a world of many planes, some dedicated to the gods, gods that have decided to let the mortals of the world flounder in their silence, others dedicated to Eldritch beings, ones that used the gods’ silence to enter Isekai and begin to corrupt her. Since the events of the Eldritch War 300 years ago, places marked as “Deadzones” still bear the mark of the Eldritch horrors that were called to the world by corrupted mages, but most of the world has moved on and began anew, building a better world from the scraps. The wondrous planes of the Wandering Forest and Lost Paths hold vestiges of the Eldritch creatures, but there are those that dedicate their lives to removing those influences from the world.  

    Comprehensive Guide to CotC
    Generic article | Jan 18, 2023

    This article will fast-track you on your way to understand the marvellous world of Cinders of the Cataclysm!

      Postapocalyptic science fantasy cyberpunk. The "world" is an area of a devastated world, after the end of the world.   No humans, original species and no relation to Earth. The "planet" is a flat world, suspended in an endless abyss of water. It is protected from the endless water by an energy dome.  

    Star Wars: Shards
      In every “what if” that is considered, there is that one moment where the initial story, the original one diverges to lead to parts unknown. This is no different in “Star Wars: Shards”. In this story, that one moment comes at the end of Star Wars Episode 1, where the noble Qui-Gon Jinn falls to a fatal stab wound from the lightstaff of Darth Maul … or did he? A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …   Following those immortal words comes a story about honor, betrayal, exploration and adventure. Set primarily in the Star Wars universe, this campaign is meshed in with other classic Science Fiction and “Pulp” settings where appropriate. Set in and around the Tapani Sector, Shards of Honor challenges any and all players. Evil … the Dark Side among other names from thousands of species … walk across the galaxy. It will take heroes to restore balance. Those few willing stand against the evil of the Dark Side, and restore peace and justice.  

      Corive is a Hollow Planet, and the surrounding metaphysical and physical spaces around it, where there is a melding of magic and technology because magic has always been part of the world and has influenced technology. Empires rise, empires fall and often the advancements in social decline as technological knowledge fall out of relevance or fail to be worth passing on. Corive, or more specifically the primary setting of Soplas, is currently at an equivalent period in time similar to the early Renaissance of the 1300s to the 1400s in Western European Culture.   The ground shakes as the mechanical rumbles of the wood and metal living machines - the children of magic and technology - passes by. The Great War ended recently, the five powers of the Soplas subcontinent forced into a stalemate when the war machines gave voice to soul-shattering questions. Sword and gun, cannon and shield. Stone walls and balls of fire, the sights of warfare across Soplas. The world, Corive, beyond the subcontinent has been scarred by the ancients, and long-dead dragon-gods may only be the first of those ancients returning to the world...  

    Wanted Hero
      Wanted Hero was created as a place where thousands of ideas come together…and multiply. From comic books to short stories, onto novels, games, podcasts, videos, and an interactive experience that allows endless positive experiences. A growing comical epic fantasy sphere where all stories connect, so you can find answers to your questions, and even visit the forbidden shops of questionable (and NOT so questionable) characters, to purchase their wares in real life if you so choose.   Created for fans of 'CHRONICLES OF A HERO'...readers can now enjoy the lore of this epic fantasy series! Join the Adventure and walk the path of your favorite characters, feasting upon the endless sarcasm and kick-butt humor of hundreds of unforgettable personalities. This ain’t your mother's bedtime story, buttercup.  

    Introduction to the Setting
    Generic article | Jul 21, 2023

    Start here to learn more about the setting and it's many working parts.

      Ravare, as a WorldAnvil "World", is a setting of 45 distinct realms of existence. Each one is controlled by two dominant Elemental Concepts from the list of eight: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Decay, Life, Shadow, Light, Ice, and Storm. Each one is slowly becoming as fleshed out as any single-realm focused setting you can find. Our goal is to eventually have two settings books per realm, but we understand this could likely take years. Even with three to eight of us working on it!   Ravare is a Nobledark Fantasy setting with horror influences throughout. The people of the world are cruel, the Divines are ruthless and uncaring, and the night's creatures are ever-present. Throughout much of Ravare,⁣ the magic is flourishing and is used both as the creator and destroyer of most civilizations. Technology is on the verge of a revolution, but constant calamities have kept the world in a veritable dark age for far too long. But this is not to say the world is without hope. Ravare may be a land of monsters, but it still has plenty of heroes to fight back the darkness. Much of the current setting focuses on the region of Haven as the center of civilization on the continent.  


    The Shattered Planes

      Aedelor is the result of a deity of unfathomable form and power that shattered into an uncountable amount of pieces. Fragments of that deity, called shards, formed the cosmos and all that inhabit it. Massive shards became the various planes of existence and many large shards manifested as various forms of gods. The smallest of these shards gave rise to mortal life, which is often referred to as one's soul.   Gods, dragons, giants, powerful wizards, and even more unspeakable creatures all seek the power of shards both for good and for evil.  

    Welcome to Araea
    Generic article | Jan 30, 2021

    Welcome to Araea; a weird-fantasy world set mostly deep underground amidst darkness and desperation, horror and heroism.

      Araea is a weird-fantasy setting in a world where humanity has been forced to survive deep underground since time immemorial. The surface of the planet is a barren wasteland plagued by radiation, vicious storms and terrible beasts. In the dark, mankind have built cities and civilizations. They farm fungi and mushroom, raise insects as livestock and fight wars all far from the sun. City-states stand as the pinnacle of humanity's domain, each in a race to stave off their own extinction. Predators lurk in the dark and heroes take up the torch and face them, undaunted. It is a world of wonder and terror in equal measure, of living crystals and hungry darkness, ancient abominations and humanity's own demons.  

    An Introduction to Etrea
    Generic article | Jun 15, 2023

    A brief overview of the world, detailing its peoples and its lands.

      Etrea is a planet in the Celestial Spiral, a solar system of ten distinct planets. It is understood to be the fourth planet from the sun, and is the only known celestial body to contain and support life. Although travel to the stars is a long way off, people around Etrea look up at the night sky and wonder.   It is the 28th of Terminus in the year 5346 of the Enervant Age. Around the world, a new year is about to be welcomed as dawn breaks on the final day.   The Enervant Age began with a catastrophic event known as the Renewal. The memories of its sapient inhabitants were wiped, leaving them only with snatches and dreams of what came before. The world itself was stripped bare and create anew. Some remnants of before can still be found scattered across Etrea, with no clues as to how they survived the purge. No one knows what caused this event, or if it could one day happen again.  

      JauVon as a setting focuses on two planets in a solar system. The setting was born from a love of giant robots, fantasy politics, the power of determination, and over the top dogfights.   JauVon is plasmapunk setting of tiny people, giant bugs, and massive abominations. Somewhere between Steampunk and Cyberpunk, a neon-Victorian nightmare of beautiful colors and delicate filigree, with a hint of cosmic horror. A place where space travel is a daily occurrence and yet the planets lay mostly unexplored, where a walk in space is safer than a walk around town.  

    Liminal Chronicles

    An ex-gangster. A mysterious old woman. A mythological world of magic and danger hiding behind everyday life. An urban fantasy series about redemption and found family, set in a small Japanese town.

      An ex-mobster must choose between breaking a promise to his parole officer, which will send him back to the slammer, or angering a powerful supernatural being. Faced with an impossible decision, how will he forge a path to redemption?   Liminal Chronicles is an urban fantasy book series based on Japanese folklore that feels like it's straight out of an anime or manga. The story is set in a fictional small town and explores the difficulties a former yakuza (mobster) has fitting into society again and the difference that someone believing in him makes. On this site you can learn more about the characters and setting of the series.  

    Welcome to Fillimet
    Generic article | Aug 7, 2021

    START HERE: An Introduction to Fillimet, a bright high fantasy world full of hope and wonder.

      Fillimet is a bright fantasy world of possibilities built on the foundation of magic available to all, depending upon their aptitude and opportunities to learn its uses. Cultures, professions, and even most non-sapient species have adapted to freely utilize this arcane resource, each tapping into their Imperium in different ways.   Since magic is so easily available it has become the foundation of society, allowing Fillimet's inhabitants to grow and flourish in different and unique ways. Non-magical technology is an afterthought, rarely used or developed except by those unable to access Imperium or uneasy with the long-term effects of heavy magic usage. The standard laws of physics are no longer limitations but rather challenges to overcome or tools to utilize. An individual is most successful when they find their own ways to tap into the magical fields to further their causes.   Regardless of the mission, those who utilize the Imperium regularly are always changed by it.  

      Music is life - and nowhere is that more true than in the world of Andrawyn. Here, the Song of Creation is the bearer of magic, the beginning of everything. Magic - and thus the Song of Creation - fuels everything, in a world where deities are more than real.   Andrawyn is a world where magic and technology coexist. A world that stands on the brink of destruction every 400 years - and only the Scalebearers can stop it by bringing everything into balance between order and chaos.   You are one of these Scalebearers. A being that is born with the power to influence the wheel of fate and thus save the world. What choices will you make?  

      Ethnis is a maximalist sci-fantasy window into a time 1,800 years advance of our own! It a setting for TTRPGs, Video Games, and Narratives alike, teeming with strange lives on distant worlds. It's a place for strange ideas and interesting people.   Jacklyn: Owner and director of Ethnis, Ademal once heard of relaxation in a fairytale. Whenever she's not going neurotic over a project, she can be found playing a mixture of puzzle, survival, and adventure games.   Barron: Nerd extraordinaire, dreams of building Ethnis and entertaining for a living. Can either be found in the kitchen, playing a random-as-heck game, or doing whatever he can to make Ethnis a reality!


    Discover a grim world of occult themes, where demons and angels are not as you've known them. Divided across four eras, VISCERIUM boast an intertwined timeline sure to accomodate most.

      Inspired by occult and pagan themes, with a drive to question worldviews of morality and balance. VISCERIUM targets a mature audience and aims to deliver a deep story that is sure to intrigue both fantasy and Sci-fi fans alike with its continuous history spanning four key eras.   VISCERIUM is a tale of eternal struggle, a grim verse under constant threat of demonic incursions. From the pounding drums of medieval warbands to the thunderous engines of space-faring ships, human history is nothing but a deadly tug-of-war. Follow humanity's darkest eras, and uncover unique locations, creatures and factions, all fighting for their survival.  

    Shadow War Introduction
    Generic article | Jul 2, 2023
      The Tapestry of Creation was once whole and perfect at the dawn of all tales. Now the Shattered Worlds of mortals are separated from the Realms Beyond, fallen like a wounded star from the First War. Whispers of stories name the First War as Angels against Fiends, Gods against Primordials, Gods against Dragons or Light against the Dark. Regardless of the exact sides and battle, all agree that it was a war that started before recorded time and shaped the state of reality as most know it today.     Most mortals view their Shattered World simply as the world, with little knowledge beyond. The Celestial Realms seek a harsh and righteous return to what was. The Lower Realms, dark and insidious continue weaving plans within plans. Ancient powers begin to wake from their slumber. Mortals with their prize spark of soul and fire are at the eye of the storm. The Shattered Worlds are a battleground of conflict pulled between supernatural forces unseen and out of reach.   You are the Kindred Vampires sired by Vecna's bloodlines from the World of Night . An inferno desert world of blazing sun, now shrouded in perpetual night through Vecna’s dark sorceries. Vecna's launching point against the foundation worlds. Vecna takes the place of Caine from Earth’s vampire lore, but in a present an involved manner.  

      Just a short wrap-up. This article is Fan Forged, by fans for fans. All of the links within this article have been tested by our most skilled Internet Troll Engineer, however should you find a broken link please leave a comment below and it will be hammered until fixed. All of the worlds listed below have been volunteered by their owners. Should you need changes to your world description or have your world removed for any reason please leave a private comment below and a Udan will be appointed to the task.  


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    Hi, I'm Rissa, and I help write one of the examples up yonder!
    We do a little from column D ("test bed for zany stuff C.B. Ash does via CSS") and a lot from columns A and B ("writing short stories and games" and "hub for tabletop players in our campaign").
    Also we squabble over using indentations and the Oxford Comma versus block format and That Is Not How Punctuation Works O My Dearest. Nerd fun is the best fun!
    One of the things I like about using World Anvil for our gaming group resource is that we can include in-character misinformation on an article, with or without the canon-compliant "meta" of our actual authorial baseline. Players who are ready to put in a little work on their end can enhance their gaming experience a LOT by encountering the worldbuilding at their own pace.
    Players who are ready to put in more work are able to help define the world along with us! For C.B. and me, this makes the best kind of collaborative storytelling.
    We tried out a few other resources across the past couple of decades. I like WA better than a private forum or a competitor site like Obsidian Portal because it's a lot easier to reward the proactive participants with more of what they consider worthwhile and keep things tidy on the back end.
    Any new folks who look around Shards are going to see heavily slanted views from unreliable narrators, reliable neutral information from the story leads, and some funky experiments on how a World Anvil article could present itself. Whatever form my creativity might be taking this week, I have a way to put it to use.

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