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What are the threads of your world?

  Create a community around your world giving readers a chance to interactive with you or even the characters from your fiction or novels. Use discussion boards as a way to announce important milestones allowing you to unfold new sections of your world. Create subscriber groups and share the secrets with who you choose. Design your TTRPG Systems and get feedback as you develop or host a discussion board Q&A. Use the discussion boards to host Play-by-Post or for campaign downtime between sessions.
  RPG examples ...
If you host a RPG game at a table or online you could very easily use the World Anvil Discussion Boards to fill in some of the gaps. A few example ...
  • A wizard crafting items ...
  • A Rogue secretly joining the local thieves guild, secretly I say ...
  • The Street Samaria wanting to lay to rest a chapter of his history ...
  • A star-ship captain upgrading his ride ...
  • Cooperative detailing of a player character backstory ...
  • Throwing a dream sequence at a player ...
  • Talk of the town, rumors, gossip ...

      Feature Requests

    Discussion Board Feature Requests

      I have also listed in a couple of Feature Requests related to Discussion Boards.
    Feel free to peek at them and if you feel they are worthy please vote on them.
  • CLOSED: More Dice like Fate/Fudge and beyond
  • CLOSED: Discussion Board API
  • CLOSED: But an excellent suggestion Discussion Board Mentions
    (I would be happy with the world owner having mentions, no checks needed.)
  • CLOSED: More Discussion Board Stuff

    And now here are some Discussion Boards from the creative and talented World Anvil users to show what they are working on.
    Document | Dec 25, 2021

    A living document, a record, that lists available bounties for members of the Bounty Hunters Guild

    Star Wars: Shards

    In every “what if” that is considered, there is that one moment where the initial story, the original one diverges to lead to parts unknown. This is no different in “Star Wars: Shards”. In this story, that one moment comes at the end of Star Wars Episode 1, where the noble Qui-Gon Jinn falls to a fatal stab wound from the lightstaff of Darth Maul … or did he?

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …

    Following those immortal words comes a story about honor, betrayal, exploration and adventure. Set primarily in the Star Wars universe, this campaign is meshed in with other classic Science Fiction and “Pulp” settings where appropriate. Set in and around the Tapani Sector, Shards of Honor challenges any and all players. Evil … the Dark Side among other names from thousands of species … walk across the galaxy.

      It will take heroes to restore balance. Those few willing stand against the evil of the Dark Side, and restore peace and justice.

    Vazdimet Discussion Boards
    Generic article | May 25, 2022

    Immerse yourself, interacting with Vazdimet's people and their stories.


    Centuries have passed since Fillimet's idyllic past. Technological advances have led to countless new discoveries and understandings of the ways of the universe, and with them changes in the mindsets of its people. The innumerable planetary colonies scattered throughout Vazdimet have formed and broken alliances in a long history of adaptation and subjugation in their race to claim the stars.
      With conflict once more poised to fracture the galaxy, the people of Vazdimet prepare yet again to defend the only thing that truly matters.

    Discussion Boards Showcase
    Generic article | Mar 22, 2022

    A brief overview and introduction to the many types of boards that are featured in Cathedris's discussion boards. Find out how you can interact with and chat about this world!


    Land of Broken Gods

    Thousands of years ago, Cathedris existed in a peaceful state. Ruled by the fourteen colossal gods that walked its surface, the planet was in perfect equilibrium. An agreement between all of the gods had kept it that way since the beginning of the planet's history; established through the blood and effort spent by every single god.

    Now though, just thirteen of the Gods remain on Cathedris, all shells of their former selves. Ruined by civil war, the gods are mindless and soulless. They walk simple loops, carry out simple actions -- some rampage, others endlessly decay. Civilization has adapted to this, and evolved. Countries flourish at the feet of what are now known as God-husks. Some try to make use of whatever loop their God-husk is on; others merely try to stay out of the way.

    As Cathedris makes its way through its own industrial revolution, it must do so in the shadow of it's Broken Gods.

    Threads of Creation
    Generic article | Mar 22, 2022

    Shadow War

    Across Creation

    In the Shadow War across Creation we use discussion boards primarily as a play-by-post medium, player discussion and announcements. Here are some boards as examples to see what we are working on. If you host a RPG game at a table or online you could very easily use the World Anvil Discussion Boards to fill in some of the gaps.

    Settlement | Mar 15, 2022

    Downtown ist das Herz und das Zentrum des Sprawls von Seattle.

    Seattle 2080


    Downtown is not called the heart of Seattle for nothing . Before the Awakening and the Treaty of Denver , what is now Downtown Seattle was. Outside of the sprawl, Downtown shapes the world's image of Seattle with its memorable skyline and impressive AR.

    Generic article | Mar 23, 2022

    Sheet Creation

      Tillerz' world for building sheets

    NOTICE: This is not an official world, this is just my separate world for creating sheets for WA without clobbering my actual world with all the sheets and blocks.

    But I'll make sure all the sheets I create become official ones for WA. :-)

    Isekai Discussion Boards
    Generic article | Mar 23, 2022


    Isekai is a world of many planes, some dedicated to the gods, gods that have decided to let the mortals of the world flounder in their silence, others dedicated to Eldritch beings, ones that used the gods’ silence to enter Isekai and begin to corrupt her. Since the events of the Eldritch War 300 years ago, places marked as “Deadzones” still bear the mark of the Eldritch horrors that were called to the world by corrupted mages, but most of the world has moved on and began anew, building a better world from the scraps. The wondrous planes of the Wandering Forest and Lost Paths hold vestiges of the Eldritch creatures, but there are those that dedicate their lives to removing those influences from the world.

    Discussion Boards for Liminal Chronicles
    Generic article | Mar 23, 2022

    Liminal Chronicles

    An ex-mobster must choose between breaking a promise to his parole officer, which will send him back to the slammer, or angering a powerful supernatural being. Faced with an impossible decision, how will he forge a path to redemption?

      Liminal Chronicles is an urban fantasy book series based on Japanese folklore that feels like it's straight out of an anime or manga. The story is set in a fictional small town and explores the difficulties a former yakuza (mobster) has fitting into society again and the difference that someone believing in him makes. On this site you can learn more about the characters and setting of the series.

    The Star Spawn / The Star Children
    Myth | May 9, 2022

    The True Dark Ages

    The world is now in the 9th Century, and the Early Middle Ages is in full swing. Adventurers are constantly in demand. Some act as mercenaries, others follow the path of magic and bolster their respective nations. Groups scattered here and there long thought dead can still be found, haunting the fringes of growing & established empires. All the while, strange and powerful creatures stalk the lands, some hidden in plain sight, others from the shadows. All the while, ancient evil beings only spoken of in myth & legend or old wives tales, work from behind the scenes looking for domination over the world. With the rise of Christianity and Islam, the old ways fight back, and for the machinations of deities best left alone are weakening these religions so they spread slower. Are heroes able to change or protect the world, or is the world doomed to darkness?

    Please let me know if you would like your discussion board added and I will continue to send this out as it grows.
      Just a short wrap-up. This article is Fan Forged, by fans for fans. All of the links within this article have been tested by our most skilled Internet Troll Engineer, however should you find a broken link please leave a comment below and it will be hammered until fixed. All of the discussion boards listed above have been volunteered by their owners. Should you need changes to your descriptions, link or have them removed for any reason please leave a private comment below and a Udan will be appointed to the task.  


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