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Arcanum (ar-CANE-um)

Arcanum Crystals are what allow the people of Creation to access the creative power of the Great God.  They require study and training to connect mentally with the power and make the image and intention within your mind come into reality.   The crystals are seeded throughout the lands, buried within the world itself.  They are diamond like and about the size of the tip of your pinkie.  They are thought to be left over from when the Great God hammered Creation into place.  They are difficult to find and the people normally luck upon them when mining for other things.   Since the eighth continent became The Shattered it has been easiest to find them there, turned up in the remains of the islands and shallow ocean.  This also has led the Blues who inhabit The Shattered to become their guardians and also the sea and land creatures around the area have become mutated into more monstrous forms.

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