Blades of Swamatra

The life of an Assassin is not an easy one for if you are ever discovered your life is over. The choice of how your life ends is ultimately in your own hands.  Of course as a Blade of Swamatra is the pinnacle of the profession.  
— Master to Apprentice



Most members of the blades of Swamatra are non-descript and of average height.  They need to learn the art of blending in.

Career Progression

The thought of career progression in the Blades is laughable. The only way to progress is to survive. The only way to survive is to succeed. The only way to succeed is not get caught. The only way to not get caught is DON'T BE STUPID!!
— Unknown...   Scratched into wall of dungeon cell


Social Status

The typical Blade can be of any social status thus making it hard to distinguish who truly is an assassin.  The biggest flaw a potential client has is requesting a blade incapable of cutting out the problem.


Sixty-five percent of the city of Swamatra are members of the Blades.  It is not just the adults of the area either.  Some of the more experienced members happen to be younger members as they have the ability to blend in more efficiently than the older members.


There is little known of the Blades of Swamatra. The only way to contact them is through a special courier with payment upfront upon the acceptance of the job.  These all go through Varito.  The use of the
TOOLS: Anything you can get your hands on..  Anything can be turned into a weapon     MATERIALS: *looks around slyly* Whatever   WORKPLACE: Oh here and there I guess   SERVICES PROVIDED: What or Who do you need to be cleaned up?   HAZARDS: Failure is always a hazard   LEGALITY: Well what is legal for me may not be legal for you.
Alternative Names
The Cleaners,
There is usually not a high demand for this profession which is why the costs are exhorbitant making this a luxury proffession


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