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Welcome to Corive, Prospective Gamers

Welcome to Corive! Corive is primarily a setting for TableTop Roleplaying Games, and that's what I, Lyraine, use it for. I also worldbuild for fun (hence why I have Core Lore separated from Deep Lore. Core Lore is the main setting stuff. Deep Lore is stuff I build for fun or use in my setting.)

Player Companion

Systems Lyraine Uses


CD10 is a narrative-heavy roleplaying system. This is a system where you roleplay the character as they are on the adventure or deal with situations, and I am an alpha-tester for the system.

For further information and how to run the system, head over to the CD10 website!


Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

D&D is an American Classic. It's the system I started worldbuilding with. There may be some references to Wizards of the Coast content, but those are not intended to stay as I tended to take the stat blocks and system framework while throwing away the default lore.

Adapting Corive to Other Game Systems

I, Lyraine, am not a game designer by nature, and I find the process headache inducing. I do, however try to build the setting to be system-framework agnostic as possible, because I personally view game systems as an interface for the players (including the person setting up sessions!) and the world. Things will not translate perfectly. Should anyone take Corive and adapt it for another system, I would love to be informed of it so it can be added.

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