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The Trials of Wind

The Trials of Wind are not be taken lightly. Many mages have died seeking greater power through the winds.
For each climber, the tower floors arrange themselves differently, as no one can be on the same level as each other while climbing.


Storm Mages climb the tower's stairs to be granted control over storms under the command of [Elf God of Winds], but some three centuries ago, the tower was engulfed in storms, hindering and weakening the magical strength of Storm Mages as fewer and fewer mages could climb to the top.


The Storm Mage must strip down to the most basic of acolyte robes to begin climbing the tower. Each level of the tower grants a greater sense of control and cooperation with the winds, but each level requires winning over a type of wind-based elemental into assisting with solving the puzzle preventing tower climbing.
Every third level has a special puzzle using the skills of the levels below for the current climber's climb, and if completed, the puzzle unlocks a greater understanding than previously held.
The tower splits into three - Rain Storms, Thunder Storms, Hail Storms. A person can go up one, but not all three paths. While a Storm Mage can learn the magics of other storms, they are *best* at the storm type they climbed for.
A Storm Mage may climb the tower multiple times, but they will not earn greater magics unless they climb beyond their previous climb.
Should a Storm Mage feel they could climb no further at the time, they may open the door they had entered the level from, and be transported to the base floor.

Components and tools

An acolyte's basic robe.
Any items won from the tower's puzzles while climbing.


Would-be and current Storm Mages.

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