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Kasha's Actuated Gauntlets

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Gauntlets of Strength of something like them, made by Kasha and used by her. Other Artificers have made similar gauntlets that serve the same function. They're used to help lift-pull-push-drag-carry heavy items, and Kasha has also made a set to wear as greaves that do the same. Requires attunement because they magically detect and alter how they assist in the actuation.
"The merchant-smith Kasha is wearing what looks to be an external suit, lifting and pulling things with the the gauntlets when her hands are not touching what she's manipulating. She notices you and grins. Behind her, you see her smithy is hitched to what looks like open suits like her ... for oxen. The oxen are not wearing the suits and look to be taking a break to graze."

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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