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Proclamation of the Creation of the Majaran Empire

This is the foundational document of the Majaran Empire and is broken into three sections.  First section declares the union of the three kingdoms (Faroo, Karmis and Zareb) under the High Queen of the Faroo, Atheneis Majara and her ascension to the rank of Empress.  The second section justifies the creation of the Empire as a result of the right of conquest after Zareb and many of the nobles of Karmis undertook and unjustified war against Faroo. The final section, which is generally too long land legalistic to be read out in public outlines the basic structures of governance of the Empire including the removal of the King of Karmis and almost the entire structure of government of Zareb.


Declared the combining of the Kingdoms of Faroo, Karmis and Zareb under the rulership of Atheneis Majara.

Document Structure


Those Karmin nobles who were judged not to have made war against thee the Faroo received an additional letter reconfirming their lands and titles in exchange for their oath of allegiance to the new Empress.  The Empress also issued documents entitled Letters of Forfeiture and Dismissal. Those noble families who forfeited their lands and titles due to making war against the Faroo usually received a rather different letter presented to them by heavily armed representatives of the new government.  This informed them of their loss of status and detailed what personal property and wealth they may take upon their departure from their current holdings.

Publication Status

The three original copies of the document are found in the archives of the three chief cities of the Empire: Landor, Karmis and Zareb.  Numerous copies were made through wood block printing.  Pairs of these copies were sent to each major noble family and government official of the three kingdoms with the expectation that one be signed in acknowledgement and returned to the Empress and the other be retained. It has subsequently been reproduced in numerous histories and legal tomes.

Legal status

This is generally considered the first official legal act of the newly founded empire.

Historical Details


The proclamation was created to formalize the Kingdom of the Faroo's total victory in Zareb-Faroo War.  High Queen Atheneis Majara wished to make sure that her southern neighbor, Karmis was never sued again by an opponent that wished to make war against her. Additionally, she wished to detach the Kingdom of Zareb from the control of the Sisterhood of Zalara in a manner than would assure her Alyite allies that Zalarite rule would never be reestablished.


The document was a originally drafted shortly after Atheneis occupied Zareb in 960.  Copies were made along with supporting documents shortly after Atheneis returned to the Faroo and was formally announced on the day of Atheneis' coronation as Empress.

Public Reaction

People were wild with joy over the proclamation in Faroo, the reception was mixed in Karmis with the peasantry being generally supportive and the nobles either terrified or relieved depending on their status.  In Zareb it was seen as a manifest symbol of military and political defeat.


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