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Compendium of Fate

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A world in the throes of rebuilding, ruins from a distant cataclysm still scatter the earth. Magic brimming with power once more, fighting to overtake the growing technological prowess being harvested from the ruins of the old world.  
  • A great and powerful seer lives atop the tallest mountain in the south pole, manipulating fate with her army of acolytes and information none should know.
  • Old gods of the forest wake and walk the land once more, manipulating under-prepared hunters, druids and adventurers into gaes that further his whims.
  • Academies are reinvigorating interest in old magic and technology, quickening the pace of rebuilding.
  • The Grand Maestro sings the songs that inspire heroes, and has helped to maintain peace between all as the world is rebuilt... but his advanced age leaves many worried that he may not be able to for much longer.
  • The latest Queen of the Pindle Kingdom seeks to do what her predecessors could not, reclaim the wastes and ruins of the old world.
  • A villain wearing magical power armor maintains one of the only surviving airships, and sews destruction wherever she passes for unknown purposes.
  • The Reclaimers plunder, steal, and kill for old world tech, hoarding it for themselves and selling it to the public in piecemeal for profit.
  • A roaming carnival has begun its tour of this broken world, its owner seeking to take the rarest and most unique creatures and objects for an endlessly growing collection.
  • An ancient queen, frozen in crystal since before the Cataclysm, has found the ability to communicate as this new world has forgotten the details of her crimes
  Does the cause of the world's destruction yet still sleep? Do new foes to life bide their time in the shadows? Destiny slept, and dreamed of you. And it chose to free you of a cruel destiny. But can you save the world without the destiny of heroes?   It's time to begin revising what fate had planned for you.

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The Revisions of Fate

13th Age

The campaign for the world of the same name!