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Ten Beliefs About the Moon

  • The phases of the moon represent the struggle between life and death, with life at its strongest during the full moon and death gaining dominance as the moon wanes into nothingness. This is why The Lord of Bones only visits our world on moonless nights and why some undead are less active when the moon is bright. 
  • Because they transform by the light of the full moon, lycanthropes are believed to be agents of the natural order, thinning herds and removing the weak and diseased during their mothly predations. Humans who remain in their homes or camps behind with proper protections are generally safe from werebeasts, since they only enter human settlements to exact specific revenge against serious transgressors against the natural order. 
  • The moon is inhabited by descendants of the Eloszorian Civilization, who used magic to flee the wars that destroyed that culture. 
  • The moon is also believed to be the home of the Griffons of Light.  
  •  Many swear by "moonwater" as a powerful hangover cure. Moonwater is created by setting out a container of water in a place where it will be touched by the light of the full moon. Before the sun rises the next morning,  the water must be transferred to a new container where light cannot reach it. The Moonwater remains potent until light touches it or until the next full moon. In addition to its common use as a hangover cure, moonwater is used in a number of magical processes, especially the creation of healing potions. 
  • It is bad luck to see the first sliver of the new moon through a window. If you accidentally glimpse the new moon for the first time in this way, throw a glass or ceramic dish to the floor. If the dish breaks, you can sweep the bad luck away with the pieces. If it remains in one piece, you're stuck with whatever Fate has in store. 
  • The waning moon is known as the Thief's Moon, and is believed to be the luckiest time to engage in clandestine activities. 
  • The blood moon is also known as the Traitor's Moon and is believed to favor those who seek to overthrow existing power structures. Since astronomers can predict the occurance of the Traitor's moon with a reasonable amount of accuracy, those in power often go into hiding or at least remain safely in their homes for the duration of the red moon. Those who are especially concerned about usurpers often hire or trick a double into taking their place in hopes of drawing out their enemies for identifcation without putting themselves in danger. 
  • Catching the moon's reflection in a scrying device will amplify the accuracy of the vision. 
  • There was once a second moon in the sky, but it fell into the seas thousands of years ago. 


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