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Magical Corruption

Magical Corruption is a condition that occurs from over exposure to Active Essence. This corruption can cause an awakening of magic within an individual that will over time take over the afflicted. Some may be able to handle the effects and harness it's powers. Others may be consumed by it and becoming walking creatures of destruction.   This all depends on the level of corruption and ones compatibility to it's effects.

Transmission & Vectors

It is transmitted through exposure to high levels of magical energy to those who are not resistant to the effect. The high the power of the magic the more likely of it surpassing ones resistance to the energy.


Magical mutation  that changes people to better harness magic. Most humans are twisted into abominations who will eventually rampage. Others may be more resitant to the mental effects. Some might even resist certain levels of phyiscal mutations.


Burning sensation, drying of the skin. Transformation of flesh to something that better embodies an element or animal aspect. Glowing veins that shows the magical power within. Glowing or burning eyes from elemental effects. Massive transformation into something that needs to be burned, or if its made of fire maybe put out with water.


There is no known treatment for magical corruption. Many have tried to make cures for it, but all have failed. The mutation from the corruption is to strong to alter it's course which leaves it ever growing.


Stage 1:   The first stage of corruption is small patches of deformed skin and release of magical energies. The deformed skin tends to glow with power under the skin or be a transformation that better harnesses the magic they are attuned with.   Stage 2:   The second stage of the corruption the user gains a bit more control of the power. more of the corrupted skin has spread, but has not over taken the user. It is possible for stage 2 to be the farthest the mutation will go if they manage their magic properly. Those who use it to much will reach the next stage.     Stage 3:   Stage 4:


Special clothes or armor can be used to prevent exposure to the essence. This is the best way to prevent corruption from forming. The next prevention is taking certain medication if exposure has occurred to drain the excess essence before a mutation occurs. Sadly the person exposed will have to take these pill for the rest of their lives as to stop would lead to the growth of corruption.


The first recorded case of the condition occurred during a small accident that caused a leak of potent levels of essence. The individual was exposed to this essence when he was tasked with repairing the damage done by the accident. It was some time later that he developed symptoms and began showing magical abilities. When this was found out they contained the individual and studied how he gained the magic. In time they saw that the magic was changing his body into something else. This is where the term corruption was first given to the condition as the man began to lose their sense of self. By the end the man became more creature and proved a danger to those around him.
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