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Porter Gage

Porter Gage

Originally a raider and second-in-command to Overboss Colter, Porter Gage defected from the Nuka-World raider 'alliance' after Aubrey Wilson and a small team came to rescue Piper Wright. He is one of the few people that isn't abusive to Piper during her imprisonment, and finds that Colter (and the leaders of teh Disciples and Pack as well) are too focused on breaking Piper's will rather than building their gangs up to retake the rest of the Parks.   When Aubrey and her chosen team come looking for Piper, he gives her an out, but is caught by Valentine and Danse before he can escape. Aubrey arrests him and takes him back to the Castle as a POW. Preston wants to execute him for his crimes, as by this point Sunshine Co-op has been destroyed by the Nuka World Gangs, but Aubrey insists on keeping him alive in an attempt to get more information out of him.   Eventually, Gage gives Aubrey information on the gang's leaders, numbers, and firepower, as well as the condition of the traders and other slaves the gangs have taken. After Aubrey's assault and liberation of Nuka-World, Gage is extradited to the newly freed Traders as a show of good faith from the Minutemen. There's another question of whether or not Gage should die, but eventually, the consensus is that it'd be a harsher punishment for Gage to have to live and work to fix what he's done rather than be given the 'mercy' of a quick death.   At that point, he's put to work cleaning up the trading center and the rest of Nuka-Town while Aubrey and her team work to secure the sub-parks for the Traders. When the parks are secure, the Traders send him back with the Minutemen, with their spokeswoman saying its just bad blood and they'd be better off with him gone. Aubrey then relocates him to one of the outskirt settlements, and gives him the option of staying with the Minutemen and keeping his head down, or running. If he runs, Aubrey can't guarantee his safety, but if he stays, he might just have something worth fighting for again.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Gage is generally healthy for a Post-War Human, and raider.  He is a rare case for a raider in that he does not have any substance addictions.    That being said, he does have damage to his lungs due to second-hand smoke intake, and he's blind in his right eye from a fight.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Gage grew up on a small settlement that was constantly harrassed by raiders.  At the age of 12, he ran away from home, vowing not to be like his parents.   He did odd jobs and mercenary work utnil age 16, when he joined his first raider gang.  After about a year, he'd gained the gang's leader's attention after suggesting ways to improve how the gang operated, but was set up and ambushed for his troubles.   He bounced around from gang to gang for a long time before taking up with Colter and the Nuka-World gangs in his late 30s.    By the time he encounters Aubrey and the Minutemen, he's 42.

Gender Identity

Gage is a cisgender male.


Gage is bisexual with no gender preference.


Gage doesn't have any sort of official education, most of what he knows comes from experience.

Morality & Philosophy

Gage's first priority has always been himself.  He also embodies teh concept of "if you can't beat them, join them," though he will occasionally do 'the right thing' if it serves his purposes (as seen in the case of helping Piper escape).
Hazel Green. Left eye couldy white from blindness.
Light Brown, short and tight curls, shaved to close cropped mohawk.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Mixed Enthnicity, medium brown skin
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  • Wasteland English (spoken) - Fluent
  • Wasteland English (written) - Intermediate
  • Wasteland Sign Language (gestural) - Basic


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