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Arthur Maxson

Elder Arthur Maxson

The leader of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel circa 2287, Arthur Maxson is a hot-headed, stubborn young man with a lot to learn about being a military commander.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Maxson is generally a healthy young man, but he does have a very short temper and a drinking problem. He suffers from PTSD, as many in the Brotherhood do, but refuses medication. Aside from some minor scarring from his youth and the impending damage to his liver, he's physically and mentally healthy.

Body Features

Caucasian skin Black hair Blue eyes

Facial Features

Very oval facial shape. Dark circles under his eyes Bushy eyebrows Maintains some stubble on his face until shortly after the Commonwealth Faction War, from then he grows out a full beard.

Identifying Characteristics

Jagged scar on right cheek Tattoo of Brotherhood crest on right shoulder

Physical quirks

Dominant Hand - Right

Apparel & Accessories

Armored Leather Battlecoat over a black Officer's Uniform. Black Steeltoed boots. Clothing kept immaculate as possible.

Specialized Equipment

Personal Suit of T-60f Power Armor with appropriate paintjob to signify rank. Final Judgement - personal Brotherhood Gatling laser gun, used with Power Armor only. Standard Brotherhood laser rifle - backup weapon Serrated combat knife - melee weapon

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Cisgender male (He/him)


Bisexual with no preference

Mental Trauma

Alcohol addiction

Personality Characteristics


He desires very much to prove himself a worthy and capable military leader to the Council of Elders on the West Coast of the former United States of America.


He keeps himself very clean, showering regularly and making sure his hair and beard are clean.


Religious Views


Wealth & Financial state

As Elder of the Brotherhood, Maxson has access to large amounts of resources that were acquired, either through trade, luck, or force, by the various patrols in the Capital and Commonwealth Wastelands.   However, the majority of his, and by extension, the East Coast Brotherhood's wealth is not easily traded. Aside from some Brotherhood 'protected' plantations and the Project Purity purifier in the Capital Wasteland, the majority of the wealth exists in the form of technology, and he often orders patrols to 'convince' local farms to pay tribute to the Brotherhood in thanks for not being wiped out.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Elder of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel.
Year of Birth
2267 20 Years old
West Coast Brotherhood Bunker
Current Residence
Boston Airport, Commonwealth Wasteland.
Dark brown, in a high and tight undercut.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Caucasian white
1.78 m (5'10in)
77kg (170lbs)
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Wasteland English - fluent


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