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Liberation of Dens-4

The Liberation of Dens-4 marked the first planetary deployment of the Excubitors after their participation in the Indomitus Crusade. It also laid the foundation for the close relationship between them and the Arcturian Techpriests.

The Conflict


After their arrival in the system and a quick assessment of the situation, the Excubitors went to relief the exhausted forces of Arcturia. Months of raids and battles between the split Mechanicus forces at the expense of the loyalists resulted in a stalemate around Dens-4. This last major forge temple completely under loyalist control was besieged by hereteks and would inevitably fall shortly. During the Excubitors journey one of their accompanying frigates got damaged to the point of imminent inoperability, but this would be the key to their mission's success.


As usual for the Adeptus Astartes it was decided to perform a rapid drop pod deployment to overwhelm the enemy and break the siege of Dens 4. To ensure minimal losses, the damaged frigate whose systems were on the verge of critical failure was to be used as both a kinetic impactor and distraction. It's atmospheric entry cloaked the Excubitors' staggered deployment and wiped out the traitor's most important supplier of equipment. Their timing was chosen as the exact moment of the final traitor assault was situated in the wastes outside of Dens-4 and could be put under pressure from front and back simultaneously.


The battle was fought in the wastes between Dens-4 and a fortified plateau in the east.


Due to the static of both the atmospheric entry of the frigate and the fallout of the resulting thermonuclear blast, communication and auspex-sweeps were limited to an absolute minimum.

The Engagement

The Excubitor's staggered deployment came down at the eastern command post of the enemy while it was deserted by the hordes charging towards Dens-4. After the first wave of Hammerfall bunkers cleared the ridge itself the second and third drop pod waves arrived, consisting of heavy infantry and fast flanking forces. Following waves of specialists and ammunition drops allowed for a continued assault on the back of the traitor siege-breaking force, while the fast attack troops flanked the enemy and denied them the ability to strategically defend. While the traitor forces where in disarray and had to rapidly reform, the defenders of Dens-4 used the opportunity to mount a lunge attack. The siege-breaking forces of chaos were slaughtered and the forge city remained standing.


Due to the Excubitors' intervention the forge city Dens-4 could be saved and the tide of the civil war turned.


The battle's outcome was foundational for the relationship between the Excubitors and Arcturia. However the frigate impact's devastation and the resulting obliteration of the traitor forge temple complex caused long-lasting supply chain disruptions which would eventually effect the loyalists efforts.
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