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Mechanicus of Arcturia

For more than nine millenia the Mechanicus of Arcturia is the agent of the Omnissiah in the Arctur-Sector. Although under near constant scrutiny from the Inquisition as well as the Collegiate Extremis ...


The Mechanicus of Arcturia is lead by a Fabricator-General and his secondary Fabricator-Locum. Both are members of the congregation of Archmagi, which consists of every Archmagos on Arcturia. The Archmagi of the Dens are typically the most influential and active members of this congregation and traditionally the first and second in command are two of them.   Each Techadept of Arcturia is directly liable to his or her superior, all the way up to the Fabricator General. That being strictly enforced, as long as every subject fulfills its quota and/or other duties they are fairly free to do whatever they want to do. This freedom, of course, increases with rank and influence.   The Congregation
This governing body acts as a theoretically democratic parliament, adopts resolutions and solves conflicts on the highest level. In reality though, the most important votes are those of the Archmagi of the Dens. Most of their subjects will support their decisions, in fear of the possible consequences.   The Archmagi of the Dens
Being the patron of one of the twelve Dens of Arcturia, gigantic blends of hive cities and forge temples, comes with many privileges. Not only granting those Archmagi access to enormous amounts of manpower and production capability but also, as a welcome side effect, installing them as the liege of many lower Archmagi. With the exception of only a handful of Fabricator-Generals, all were first appointed to this function.


The Mechanicus of Arcturia was founded under unclear circumstances in tumultuous times and most records of this period seem to be lost or heavily modified. However, the official declaration happened in 076.M32 and since then Arcturia enjoyed a steady influx of new Techadepts, menials and soon-to-be servitors.


The main territories of the Mechanicus of Arcturia are the Forgeworld of Arcturia and its two moons, although many stations and outposts all over the sector reside under their control.


Arcturia's centralised military structure follows that of Mars: Each macroclade is comprised of 4 cohorts, each consisting of 3 maniples.
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