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Excubitor Chapter

They shall be my sons, and in them will live the hopes of a unified humanity. Theirs will be the strength to prevail, not only when victory lies within easy reach, but even when it seems unattainable, when doom settles like a shroud all about. In those times of darkness, my noble sons will shine the brightest of all.
-The Emperor of Mankind, beloved by all
  The Excubitor Chapter is the newly baptized protector of the Umbra-Sector. Operating from the remains of their original torchbearer fleet they venture out into the void, not only to reunite with their scattered fleet but to join humanity's eternal crusade.   The armour of these Angels of Death is mostly dark grey with the arms and pauldrons painted red. Pauldron trim and ornaments are plated with gold. The left knee pad is painted white and bears the company number, with the right knee painted white as well for sergeants, lieutenants and captains. Additionally, leaders have the reactor cover on their backpackpainted red. Helmet colours are codex-compliant, as well as the squad markings.


As all Codex-compliant Chapters, the Excubitors are divided into ten companies. The first one is, as usual, reserved for the chapter's distinguished veterans. The second to fifth company are considered as Battle Companies, the sixth to ninth are Reserve Companies and the tenth is the Vanguard Company. Due to it's variable size, the Scout Company operates outside of the classical chapter structure.


The first Excubitors all stem from 'The Awoken', those first Primaris who were frozen for millennia in Cawl's Arc Mechanicus. As such, they all grew up during the Great Crusade and never witnessed the slow decay of the Imperium. Their awakening in this changed galaxy was a seemingly abrupt paradigm shift, and those original founding members of the chapter will forever mourn the loss of the Imperator Somnium.   Many of their customs hail from brighter times, as does their disapproval of the Emperor being seen as a god. If they will succeed in imparting this to their upcoming aspirants remains to be seen.


Tumultuous Arrival

  The original Primaris reinforcements, which later became the founding brothers, were send to the Umbra-Sector to support the ranks of a local Chapter. Although the identification sigils were intact and uncorrupted, the Cicatrix Maledictum tainted large parts of their assignment message, which resulted in unclear mission parameters as well as the reinforcement fleet not even knowing the name of their future Chapter. After a nearly year-long journey through the Ultima Segmentum, the fleet finally translated into the Arctur-System, receiving distress hymnals and the screeching of scrapcode from all over the enraged void.   At this point in time the battered fleet consisted of a Strike Cruiser, a Vanguard-Class Light Cruiser Mk.III and a Gladius-Class Frigate, carrying 2 modified Battle Companies and a Vanguard Demi-Company. With their strength bundled, they headed to the Forgeworld Arcturia under siege by traitors from the Mechanicus' own ranks and supported by the Iconoclasts Word Bearers Warband, who used the Noctis Aeterna to wreak havoc all over the sector.    

Fate Forged

  Rushing to aid their potential Mechanicus allies, the reinforcements descended upon the toxic wasteland that is Arcturia while the fleet erased the scattered void ships of the Archenemy and secured the orbit around the Forgeworld. Over the span of 10 months the Adeptus Astartes razed the traitorous Forge Temples and the Adeptus Mechanicus purged the noosphere of chaotic corruption in a campaign that became known as the "Arcturian Purge". Both factions developed remarkable synergy in combat and out of sheer necessity these "Forgotten Sons" received informal Techmarine training, allowing even greater autonomy in long-term engagements. To at least seem to stay under the pretence of adhering to the ultra orthodox tech-priests, the more pragmatic factions of the Mechanicus of Arcturia bestowed the Hands of Mars to the Forgotten Sons, which constituted the introduction of an initially controversial but soon-to-be respected initiation ritual for the becoming Excubitors.   As the Arcturian Purge came to its end, due to a lack of traitors and heretics to actually purge, the fact that there was no existing Chapter to be found became ever more urgent. The Techadepts of Arcturia reassured the Astartes about the authenticity of their assignment message, but were clueless as to the chapter that was supposed to be reinforced. After long days of discussion and council, and countless attempts to reach either the High Lords or even just the Adeptus Administratum, the decision was made to let the Forgotten Sons officially found a new chapter to guard this region of the Emperor's galaxy: The Excubitor-Chapter was born.

We are His bulwark against the terror!

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Forgotten Sons
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