Shapers of the Earth

The Gol histories span mountain ranges - and that is no metaphor. Long ago, their chisels sliced rocks like a hot knife through butter, and they chronicles the ages of their worlds by the Troll princes who ruled.
  The trolls were not technologically advanced, and we know them in our world now for the tunnels they carve under the earth, winding and changing labyrinths that they use to hide from the sun. Back in their days of yore, they were empyreans - stereotypical images of strength and resplendant monstrosity. This is a far cry from who they are now - half stone-burnt creatures, prune-y and molding amalgamations of envy and greed.  
They would do anything to get back to the surface they once lorded over. So take care when delving into The World Below. They would not hesitate to hold you for ransom. Ah, or to be wed to someone with great power - and command the sun to be smote.

The Age Before the Sun

INSPIRATION: Pre cataclysm, they were literal shapers of the earth, had their history written in glyphs that stretched the globe - they were carved into whole mountain ranges, they were in the trenches of the ocean, etc. They made the earth the Gol lived in (and The Gol were terrified of their Giant cousins. - I think I will take the meaning SHAPED very literally here. Giants used to live above ground, but turn to stone in the light of the sun ( a la Trolls in Tolkien's hobbit) so they NOW cannot go above ground, but they used to.   Before we can know the trolls, we must first learn their maker - Crom Cimil, lord of the seasons, bringer of destruction, and master of trickery. It is thought that when he first created the trolls, he would delight in their antics, their squabbles. But as time went on, and his creations became more predictable, he gave them "gifts". Each of these marked an age, and made the trolls more fearsome beasts - truly, more like animals.  

First of Three Gifts

Hunger without Satisfaction
Sun's Hated
Wellspring of Unyeilding Health

Fourth Gift: TBA


The Last and Final Gift


The War of Stone

INSPIRATION: During the cataclysm, the Giants have to flee underground. And we get the first "stone Giants" with their weapons strewn about the earth on the continent of Tara as this was where they fought for the right to flee underground. Many didn't make it. - Maybe something happened during the cataclysm. Like how fire can hurt Trolls and keep them from regenerating, what if the sun causes them to regenerate "too quickly" and they callous over and turn into a "stone like" structure (ew, what if stone was just an earth callous) That's disgusting, I love it, I'm keeping it.    

World Gobblers and Stone Turners

INSPIRATION: Post cataclysm, we get this fearful race of Giants. I want them to be like a mixture between Snow Elves/Falmer from Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and the Cave Troll from The Fellowship of the RIng a la LotR.   trolls-of-the-cataclysm-timeline-archived-1670366766trolls-of-the-cataclysm-timeline-archived-1670366766

Cover image: Welcome to Chimera by Invictia


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