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Welcome to Chimera D10, a world of splendor and terror; it is a world that seems to float above the clouds. It's like that moment in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild where Link races up the hill to the cliff and peeks over, but instead, he meets a vast expanse of cloud ocean and land with skywhales and airships. The experience is both epic and intimate under the genre of a soft apocalyptic science fantasy.   There's a few things going forward that are the basic laws of nature for this world:
  1. There are monsters, and anything monstrous comes from humans,
  2. There are heroes who fight and save monsters, protecting most people.
  3. Because there are monsters and not enough heroes, every city is walled and most cities have a "Gimmick"
  4. Sympathetic Magic exists, but it is not 100% reliable.
The Vibe:

World Trends

In the world of Chimera, five matters will always remain of constant importance--those shown below. These matters influence the trends of history.
Ecological Relations
The relationship between the world and those who live on it is not entirely antagonistic; however, to coexist in this world is to build insane weapons, use daring techniques, and utilize gadgets to keep pace with the insane forces of nature within Chimera.   The people who live here then must embrace the thrill of diving into the unknown, and sometimes danger, as a way of life.
Race Relations
Not all the races see eye to eye. Tensions come down to underrepresented minority races--Lesidhe, Hikotea, Vespid--and the marginalization of other races--Rook, Simmias.   The two races counted in the majority are the Tarans and Myrrdins, who have thus set the baseline for what "normal" does and looks like. While other races occupy a grey-area majority as well--The Gol, and Dracovians--they currently lack the numbers to be so, and often keep to themselves rather than play politics.
Divine Influence
Chimera currently occupies the center of the world; it is the font of all life-creating energies--Frithlings, and thus prime real estate for any divine entity seeking control over the world.   The issue is that this area is taken up by mortals instead of the divine. As such, several divines seek to influence mortal races in order to grow in power enough to claim and rule the center of the world.
Technological Armsrace for Power
The world is largely unconquered and unexplored, yet ancient ruins and marvels dot the face of Chimera. Deep within the subterranean heart of Chimera, vast technological wonders lay open for the taking and repurposing. To the civilizations that collects them first, technological dominance and an uncontested right to lay claim to the rest of the world. But the endeavor is a dangerous one, as it has always been.
Social Services
The space between civilizations is usually quite large, and a kingdom's ability to maintain control of its territory is often more challenging than what it is worth. Due to this gap in power, mercenary companies and guilds are very common.   The most prominent among these is the Heroes Guild, responsible for mail-carrying and monster-cullings.

A Map of the world during the Age of Heroes, within the 23rd of the Mortal Era, Year 67, to 24rd of the Mortal Era, Year 34.

The History

Every race has a different creation myth, describing the lands and the gods there differently from all other races. This was because once, all the races lived on their separate worlds in the gardens their gods created for them. This, among many other moments in time, defines the history of Chimera.
  1. Once, there was a Cataclysm, the conjoining of all worlds together. The lands merged, gods died or fell into the world while weakened, and Chimera formed.
  2. The Ievlen Empire, the first Taran empire, formed as a hub of diplomacy between all the other races. Here, the Heroes Guild formed.
  3. Once, a mortal attempted to become a god, and before they could achieve it, three heroes slew the godling. This knowledge has largely been removed from public access and mages are now met with varying degrees of mistrust.
  4. The first monsters came about after the Cataclysm. They are called "Pale", equivalent to mothers, grandmothers, and the like--all who have given birth. Among these are the Wendigo, Rakshasa, and Calabri. They are immortal.
Now armed with everything you need to know, why not become a part of the world?

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