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Creating a Character



  The game is Vampire: the Masquerade, Revised Edition. Characters should be created using material from the main book only.
  • Ideal characters should be 15-20 years Embraced.
  • Acceptable clans are the clans of the Camarilla: Brujah, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, and Ventrue.  Gangrel are acceptable with some caveats.
  • If you were Embraced locally you must either choose from one of the NPC options (see "NPC Sires" below) or be a "bite and run" victim and take an appropriate social flaw.
  • Even though there's no character sheet representation for it in Revised, you will need to tell me where your Haven is so I can add it to the ST map.
  • A fillable PDF character sheet can be found here.


Remember that even though you receive few dots of Backgrounds at creation, they cannot be bought later with experience points. They will be earned and lost throughout the course of play.
  • Allies: Allies are specific individuals in Revised; prepare a short description of them ("Constance, a bookie") and we'll take it from there.
  • Contacts: Contacts are specific individuals (describe a major Contact similar to an Ally, above) but in Revised you also have the option of rolling your Contacts rating to get info from "minor Contacts."
  • Fame: Take it if you want it, but it will make life difficult.
  • Generation: No more than 3 dots (10th Generation).
  • Herd: You do not need to detail your Herd, though you are welcome to.
  • Influence: This background has some special rules. Acquiring it will be a central factor of the game.
  • Mentor: This must be an existing NPC other than your sire (your pre-existing relationship with them is unique). No more than 2 dots is appropriate.
  • Retainer: Retainers are specific individuals in Revised; prepare a short description of them ("Augustus, a butler") including whether they are a ghoul.
  • Status: This background has some special rules. Acquiring it will be a central factor of the game.


  • No paths other than Humanity.


  • Flaws are capped at 7 points.
  • Merits have no cap.
  • Unbondable and True Faith are not available.


  • Game takes place in a version of our current time which is based on the original 1998 setting with a few necessary updates.
  • The Gangrel have formally left the Camarilla but many are still members. Chicago officially welcomes and accepts Gangrel citizens on an individual basis but does not afford them a Primogen. Socially, individual kindred may treat them differently, or not, but the Prince takes a dim view on any who do.
  • The Assamites have not joined the Camarilla; all that is known outside the clan is that the Assassins have recently become more fierce.
  • Chicago is a very hostile city for Ravnos. Not that such a thing ever kept a determined Ravnos from going where they wanted to go, just that more than a few have been destroyed for their clan alone.
  • The Red Star is still in the sky. While initially heralded as a portent of doom tonight it's merely considered an oddity of interest to some of the more obscure occultists of kindred society.
  • The Camarilla of Chicago and the Sabbat of Gary, IN are in a cold war right now. Chicago’s kindred don’t have the resources or troops to just rout them and be done with it, and the larger Camarilla won’t commit a force to such an operation while there are bigger, active threats in other parts of the U.S. Therefore the Chicago Camarilla have taken a posture of “strong defense.” They don’t outright attack the Sabbat, but they undermine them at every possible turn in hopes that Gary never becomes a strong enough staging ground for a serious Sabbat assault.
  • The area beyond Chicago is fraught and for the most part inhospitable.
  • One of the most formative events in recent times (though before your time) was The Shadow War.

NPC Sires

  Characters with an NPC sire can be older than 20 years Embraced (will work out the timeline with the ST) and will receive the appropriate dots in Generation for free (the ST will tell you how many).


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