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Size comparison to Appa from Avatar the Last Airbender included in beautiful paint image

Bullwrarks are descended from cows, having developed from terraforming processes. The domesticated ones that are used to get around are roughly the size of elephants, but able to run at 30mph for up to 6 hours at a time. The newer ones, which have been made from genetic modification and selective breeding, bump those numbers up to 40mph for 13 hours at a time. Due to this and their size, which allows them to carry a lot of people, they're a nice fall-back for when the electricity stops working.

Additionally, they can be used in warfare when enemies use electricity-mucking gear to make robots useless. The process here is to then slap tonnes upon tonnes of armour onto a couple of these suckers and then use them as tanks and distractions to lower human casualties.

Basic Information


Y'know Appa from The Last Airbender? Well this has 4 legs and far more variety on fur and horns instead buuut otherwise they're uncannily similar.

Genetics and Reproduction

When a mummy bullwrark and a daddy bullwrark love each other very much... (2 year pregnancy, twins are common)

Growth Rate & Stages

They take 7 years to reach adulthood after birth. They start getting horny after 6, in regards to both their horns and their sexual appetites, as this is basically their puberty and the lack of horns is the youngling way of saying "I'm not competition for you in the hoes department", with the thicc horns of an old one saying "You got exactly 6 seconds before I steal yo girl".

Ecology and Habitats

Basically savannas but with British temperatures and greener everything.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They have some badass collections of 5 stomachs and so can eat pretty much anything, but their teeth only really allow for the eating of plants and they never have a desire to eat anyone unless they make themselves look like a fruit snacc.

Biological Cycle

No hibernation, they can eat anything planty and change very little with seasons. Perfect for human use.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Poor eyesight, poor sense of smell, poor hearing... these things survived by being so big that nothing tried to mess with them and eating grass, so they don't really need anything special in the sensory department.
Scientific Name
maxima taurus
Conservation Status
Most planets have a good number of them living there so there's no real need for the CHG to try to protect them. That said basic animal rights to apply to these dudes so don't think you're all set to go taking out your frustrations over how daddy doesn't love you enough on these guys with a whip (although doing this with such a massive creature is already a bad idea).


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