The Lost Cities Eruption

The Earth Dragons fought for three days, the shaking of the ground and rumblings growing each day. The mountains belched steam and spit out small light rocks that rained down. Some fled north or south and many west. Many stayed, behind fortified walls and doors in private compounds and gardened villas. Their doom came quickly as between one morning and the next, one city was gone completely, buried under ash and stones and flows of lava and the other killed by poison vapors and scorched by fire, then half covered in the light pumice stone and ash. A few weeks later the whole region was a cold desert of rock and dust punctuated by rivers of fire and smoking craters.


It is said that pillars of fire arose from the volcano above the Lost Cities, and a dark cloud covered the land within a day so that night and day seemed identical.  The choking dust and rain of rock and bits of flaming lava smothered and burnt everything and covered over anything left.  Some fae claim memories of the death of the cities - a howling wave of black dust with swirling green flames swept down from the mountain with thundering booms that knocked down walls and carried away anything not tied down or larger than a dwarf. The cloud consumed everything in heat that turned the fountains to steam and exploding fragments, and poison vapors that choked any who survived being punched by the invisible fist of winds, or cooked by the heat and fire.

The Cities of Collaka and Vapee-yat were bronze age cities in what is now southern Eseret populated by Humans and Lesser Fae, principally Satyrs and a rarely seen race, Maenaed. The higher was the eastern city, Vapee-Yat, which was buried. Collaka was burned and poisoned, then covered over. They were cities of wealth -said to be full of music and light. They were famed also for paint pot mud springs. Vapee-Yat possessed a holy shrine with an artifact of the Demon age. One story says the Volcano erupted because the cities had refused a powerful entity and were destroyed for it. Others say that the Satyrs and Maenaed failed in offerings to the Mountain and fire spirits. Or that the humans were responsible. In modern times the exact locations of the cities are unknown though known to have been among the volcanoes of the now empty Chafzia a region east over the Scale Range of mountains from Ilnelion. The area is now a cold rocky and windswept valley roughly 200 miles (321 Km) across and backed by the glaciers of the Ice Fell range.

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