Long ago was a great war in a region called Inx.
In this war a mighty human wizard rebelled against his people and made pacts and bindings of many powerful entities, demons and spirits. He brought war to dozens of nations, seeking conquest, dominion and extermination of some races. Nur was a wildland barbarian who united her people and others to battle the forces of the evil wizard. She was one of several great heroes of many species in the War of Inx. In the course of the war she drove back the evil wizard's forces and freed cities and forts. On one such she freed a great warrior, seen as one of the Urr. This prince helped her and battled with her, becoming a close and essential ally and lover. In a battle he was cut off by demonic forces and Nur went to his rescue. Her guard were slaughtered and she was captured. Some time later the Prince appeared at the head of a great force of demons and servants of the wizard, drawing a siege tower equipped with ballista and vats of boiling oil. On a platform he stood over Nur, her limbs broken, defanged, and blinded. The Prince mocked and berated the demoralized free army who had broken at seeing their leader destroyed and mutilated, Nur broke free of the ropes and cuffs on her and lept, grabbing the Prince and sending them both into a vat of boiling oil.
The wizard's army was stunned and the free army charged forward, winning the day. Nur became a legend and was elevated as a Bahku goddess by the Gods.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Nur was a war leader of the Ewah-Liu tribe of the Dancing Grass at the far north of the Inx region where the mountains form a gap between the Plain of Chentor and the Dancing Grasses. In her youth she had led raids against the humans, centaurs and fae that lived in settlements on the Chentor.  She had been captured and held ransom by the centaurs who educated her in letters during her captivity.  When she returned to the tribes she started forming pacts to protect trade and travelers between the settlements.  When the  war came, the wizard Bihigan had forces of Oni, bugbears and other monsters in his service along with human commanders and some Minotaur of the Kwee|| path. Bihigan refused Centaurs and fae in his service - citing them as abominations and mockeries of humans and his enemies. They swept the wild Bahku tribes that did not join them.
Nur rallied the fighting tribes, joining centaurs and others. This was most remarkable because she was not Urr and yet so successful in war and forging alliance. She became one of the generals of the northern armies, eventually leading a unified force south into the Plains, Downs and the Dawnwood.  In this part of the war she became more oriented in smaller raids against strategic targets, strongholds and lines of supply. This is when she rescued the Bahku referred to as the Prince and originally believed to be an Urr.
Presented Sex
Black maned
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Golden brown coat of short fur.

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9 Dec, 2020 23:16

Nur sounds like a force to be reckoned with - I like the sound of her!

10 Dec, 2020 04:47

Her end was a bit more tragic and dramatic. In an edit I'd cut a whole sentence that has now been restored. To the Bahku she is most special because she achieved things one of the Chosen of the Gods might - but she was not born one of the Chosen. She was recognized as one after her death.