Look, here's the trick. The Chains may make you do, but they can't make you do it well if you don't have a mind to.
Chiru, Ghenid smith of Incaras
  The scarred and grey muzzled Ghenid warriors, two males and a female in chain armor linked with worked in bone, strode into the smithy calling for "Chiru of the Uacra." One of the apprentices pointed to the back of the smithy where he was working.
"Uacra, we have come for you!" said the female- a Gha'z ochre pelted with black spots.
"What do you want?" Chiru set aside the metal he was working. He is tall, about 8 ft (2.4M). He wears trousers and work boots shaped to his digitgrade double bent leg. Over his bare and shaved chest is a leather work apron. His skin is grey-black, and silvery fur can be seen at his waist.
"You come with us.'
"I'm working." He replied, ears sweeping back in annoyance.
She looked around and snorted. "Slaves like these do the work. You look like a slave to me. Come."
"Now you are just making me mad. What is your business you flea bitten barbarian and your lap dogs?" Ears back and down tight.
"Ioehni, Hnanue - the returned has come to take this place.."
"Yeah, heard about that. Not interested. I like the city as is and have quite a few friends I like as is too."
"Friends? What? You will obey!"
"Piss off you milk drinking lick spittles!"
"We are the the m'crateerua of the priestess Ba'yeduk, voice of the great Mother Negheru!" They are staring with hard looks and tip lipped mouths. Clearly not happy.
"I don't give a rat's ass. Have your priestess come tell me and I'll tell her the same. The Great Mother wants something from me, she can tell me herself."
"You will make weapons for us."
"Of course I make weapons, and you will pay for them. Just like everyone else. Nothing more."
"No, you make them for the Returned and serve our.."
"The hell I do. Now shove off!" He emphasized this with an obscene gesture popular among Dwarves.
She pulled out a broadsword brandishing it at him. The males curling lips in snarls. "We will.."  Now they have their ears down.
He grinned and pulled his own shortsword- a black oily looking thing that seemed to shift and flow with impressions of hands, noses, faces flickering across the surface and sinking back. Ghenid ears could hear a high keening, moans and cries from the blade.
"That's a.." Her eyes wide.
"Yes. Yes it is."
"How did you..."
"Never you mind. Clearout now or you'll get a taste of a SoulEater."
"We will bring others and have your S'oang pull your Chain in insolent pup!"
"Welcome to try I haven't been regular with the grannies. Ours was sent below by your lot." The others glared and started to speak. "And in a fight, few will walk away and many will never see their tombs in the Underworld. Besides, a ghost smith isn't gonna give you what you want."
A troll approached. Curved horns with decorative gold bands. Neat goatee around his mouth with protruding tusks. Heavy leather apron over scaled hide and a build like an inverted pile of rocks. A massive war hammer in hand. "We having any trouble here Chiru?" The clanging of metalwork had stopped.
"Naw, these idiots are leaving now. Aren't you Khaengersoht?" (Ghenid: worthless little scum/ dirt)
The males bristled, showing fangs and reaching for weapons. The shop was silent. The female glanced around at a dozen smiths with hammers and weapons.
"You will pay for this boy. You will suffer."
"Thanks for stopping by! Now get, and dont come back again!"

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is exceptionally tall even for a Ghenid, and especially a male. As a weapon and blacksmith he is quite muscular and agile, and his upper body is shaved so that it shows off more. He sports a variety of small burn scars from years working the smithies.

Body Features

Chiru has earings in both ears and gold loop nipple piercings in the upper pair of his six nipples. At work he wears trousers and a leather work apron with various tools in the front pockets.  He has specially crafted boots for his feet and legs.
He keeps his mane short and typically dyes it blue or turquise, sometimes mixing blues and greens.

Apparel & Accessories

On the street Chiru favors a vest that shows his arms and chest, sometimes with a heavy outer coat in cold weather.

Specialized Equipment

He carries a shortsword of Soulsteel. Oily black that ripples with faces, hands and other parts pressing against the surface from inside, then sinking back.  It moans and cries faintly.  Soulsteel can destroy ghosts and spirits and it is said that those it slays are dead and gone forever.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born and raised in the city, Chiru was also raised with the traditional drives of plunder and filling a tomb with wealth for the afterlife and working to gain a place in a warband. The bloodhide clans ruled the Undercity tribe, while above it was scattered bands.

At age 14 he left the gangs and streets to become an apprentice blacksmith, thinking of the great worth he would have as one who stole the smithing skill. But the clans still saw it as slave work and not the craft and skilled work he knew it to be. He was taught to love the work by his master. When the Ghosthide clans sought to take control, they demanded weapons from him, demanded them as commanding a slave and lesser. They twisted his Chains to make him obey. And he did.. and found that they didn't know the details, all they wanted was blades and axes and maces and he put less and less care into them. They used his Shadow to compel him and supervise, demanding more.
He grew to hate the traditionalists and the old grandmothers. Hate the Ghenid ways he was taught. He spent more time with his human, fae, Bahku and centaur associations, and younger 'rebel" ghenid who were adopting the city ways and abandoning the old.


Like most Ghenid, Chiru doesn't have many boundaries. But he very much dislikes the abusive and sexist Ghenid matriarchy.  Amongst his own kind he will prefer males, but is equally open to any gender in other species.


Chiru is a junior Master weaponsmith and master blacksmith under Grand Master Uthar, a troll sworn to the smithcraft in the city of Incaras. There are 2 other master blacksmith, 5 other journeyman weaponsmiths and 27 apprentices working Uthar's smithy.

Accomplishments & Achievements

His master smithing work was making his Soulsteel blade "Torment". He doesn't say how he got the material which is usually made in forges of the underworld of dark steel and souls hammered and folded into the dark iron. He does say that the souls have lost or have no minds left. They are bereft of reason and he wonders if they are just some sort of soul chaff.

Personality Characteristics


He isn't sold on the Ghenid afterlife ideal, though he figures he's well set as a weaponsmith. He enjoys the city life, which is all he's ever known. He drinks with friends at the bars, listens to music, eats well at the places that will serve his kind. The fine eateries mostly refuse Ghenids, but some still serve- since this Incaras, and coin is king, or second to power and influence. There is gambling and games. There is fighting. Find a warm hole and a slicked cock (pkoah). Coin buys willing males or females of many kinds. Not just wanting males or a demanding female. He has a long term human male companion and lover, Malcov.

Likes & Dislikes

He like beers, ales, wines and Crua. "Ghost blood or War/ Fighter's Ghost". Free time is frequently listening to musicians and singers and watching street performers by himself or with allies ( friends).
He has largely broken with Ghenid culture in the city, especially after the Ba'Yeduk events. His closest associates are smiths and now adult members of the juvenile street gang he ran with as a cub. At least once a week he has a secret tryst with Malcov, a young human male of a guilder merchant family, though they may be seen together drinking and gambling. Malcov also was involved in the street gang over a decade ago, but is now involved in the family business (southern cartel group).  He also has meet ups with a minotaur female fighting / sparring partner, Poajhavi.

Personality Quirks

He tends to stroke, pull on his ear when thinking.


Chiru will usually go to the public baths that are friendly to the furred species of Incaras - usually in the evenings.  He uses the perfumes and scents that are popular and is quite decadent and made up by wild tribe standards.


Contacts & Relations

Though one of the Ghosthide clans ( Uacra - Ghosted blooded) that ruled prior to Ba'yeduk and Ioehni's arrival, he had mostly withdrawn from the clans. At the time of the clan fall he had used the Soulsteel blade to dispose of Grandmother's appointed Shadow and had replaced it with the ghost of another male he knew who had died.  He doesn't like the new Matriarch, Peema nor her sorcerer brother, Ach’mgue. Not one bit. Even if they are opposed to Ioehni and Ba'Yeduk.

Family Ties

His mother E'Nroo, works as a money lender's muscle, placing Chains on borrowers so they can be tracked and compelled beyond the traditional ways to pay up. She and her Shadow, an underling female and two cra-mueo and their shadows also are security for the moneylender's home, where she has chambers. Chiru doesn't talk to her. Same for his younger brother who is a member of the warband (Cra-Mueo  of the new matriarch, Peema.
He does talk to an older sister who is in Ilnua of Adkhee Clan's faction.
He looked up at Chiru. Smiled. “You are a glorious beast, you know.”
“I’m a beast to you? You weak little thing with your flat teeth. No claws…” he reached down caressing the human. “Though you do have good points.” He bent lower to give a human style kiss of pushed out lips and a flick of tongue.
“I just mean you are so beautiful. Clever. And you are so free.”
Red eyes stared deep into his. “I am not free. I am bound in the invisible Chains of my people - living or dead can make me obey.”
“I mean you don’t seem to answer to anyone. No one like my father “
“I answer to you. To Master Uthar.” a shudder “ To Mother and grandmothers and Great Negheru.”
“Well, we must answer to the Gods, especially the ones of our peoples.”
“I don’t like what She demands. I like you free to chose me and not forced by the Chain. I like what the peoples of the city do from choice, ambition and pleasure. So much better than by command.”
The human stood, caressing the taller Ghenid. Light brown hands flowing over the muscled chest and arms of black-grey skin. “ You put the Chain on me when we were younger. Is it really my choice? I’ve been bespelled ever since.” Teasing the golden rings in the upper chest nipples, then the lower chest ones and finally the abdominal nipples. Hands running lower where the silver grey fur grew with it’s darker spots. Rubbing at the base of the short wedge shaped tail with one hand and getting a squealed growl of pleasure. The other following the swell and curve of gluteal muscle and thigh. Rough guard hair of the primary coat, the softer texture of the two finger diameter spots and the lean firm body beneath.
Chiru bent to give Malcov another kiss. His own black skinned, callused and clawed hands rough on the light tanned human skin. Moving from a grip on shoulder to rubbing across the back and down to grip the fleshy buttocks. “Hmmmm….I like what you taught me. Giving. You give so much more than Chain can force. And I desire to pay back to you.” Bending low to deliver long slow licks of the rough wide tongue up Malcov’s chest and neck.
Malcov pushed Chiru back. “ You don’t pay back a gift. I do it because I like you. That and I like to watch you squirm, beast!” He pushed the tall Ghenid back again, causing him to stumble and fall across the bed. Closing and taking advantage of his fallen companion, Malcov pulled hands up inner thighs, and the hilly landscape of the black belly. Up the chest to grip the wide head and massage the base of the rounded tall ears, placing his own nips and bites on the ghenid’s chest, shoulders, neck and muzzle, inducing chuffs and Haa-haa panting sounds from Chiru.
“As a kid, in the gang, you scared me. Claws and teeth and menace of a scary monster cannibal. And in the fights, wow. Fearless and knocked the gangs about. The fear turned to admiration.”
“You were all under my Chain. Mine. T’oang. I couldn’t tolerate threats to what was mine. Still can’t.”
Current Location
Typical rust red iris with flecks of brown
Blue and green dyed mane
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
His coat would be silver white with grey spotting from his clan. As a smith he shaves or singes off his fur and so is showing just the grey-black bare skin on his upper body
8 ft (nearly 2.4 m)
221.5 lb (100.7kg )
Quotes & Catchphrases
You want fast and quality, go talk to the dwarves. Otherwise it is fast OR quality.

I don't listen to the grannies nor mother. I was trash until suddenly I wasn't. Now they can kiss my ass.

Another round for me and my pals!

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