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Pathfinder Conversion
Chardovil's systems are converting from D&D 5e to Pathfinder 2e!
Godslayer materials will written for PF 2e first, while Ascension materials will be converted later, due to the Upstairs Gang's ongoing Ascension Campaign.

Session 6: Vanity & Villainy Report

General Summary

Bright 31 1506

  • Gobriak
    • Citadel
      • Davfyr's Office
        • Nadyra locates seal w/ Detect Magic
        • Hrafnir discovers false bottom in drawer
          • Hrafnir, Devror fail to pick lock, set off needle trap
          • Nadyra successfully picks the lock
        • Secret Compartment: seal, documents, coin purse, pen
          • Nadyra searches documents, pockets seal, inspects pen
            • Lies about pen just being an expensive pen
          • Devror steals coin purse w/ 5pp
          • Nadyra re-engages the trap when replacing fake base
      • Upper Level
        • Ruth & Averof attend meeting
    • Yvrey Offices
      • Averof writing report of meeting
      • Devror + Hrafnir playing cards
      • Ruth changing out of gown
Upstairs Gang: Ascension
Ruth Vang
Report Date
10 Dec 2022

Cover image: Chardovil Saga Cover by Ynix


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