Upstairs Gang: Ascension

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Chardovil
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Sat 11th March 2023 9:00

Session 15: Bargains Upheld

The Upstairs Gang return to Ifaris with Sakalli, Grysthel, and Nadyra, as promised.

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18th Feb 2023

Session 14: Fire & Flame

11th Feb 2023

Session 13: Summons

The Upstairs Gang has a plan on how to spend their downtime before returning to Ifaris, but a slight change in scheduling may upend their plans.

4th Feb 2023

Session 12: Light Reading

After interrogating their captive and learning more about the Network, SOATI finds themselves with some downtime before traveling to introduce Sakalli to Ifaris.

28th Jan 2023

Session 11: Complications

With recent events complicating Sakalli visiting Ifaris, Soati need to regroup and plan their next move.

21st Jan 2023

Session 10: Blood and Flame

14th Jan 2023

Session 9: Into the Depths

The Upstairs Gang had discovered the entrance to... somewhere, searching for an artifact at Sakalli's request. What they may find inside, and what they may yet face, however, remains a mystery.

7th Jan 2023

Session 8: A New Destination

After stepping in to save an acrobat after the pyrotechnics lashed out, the Upstairs Gang makes their way to the Yvrey offices to report in.

17th Dec 2022

Session 7: In the Shadow of the City

With both groups successful, the party reconvenes at the Yvrey Offices to celebrate.

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10th Dec 2022

Session 6: Vanity & Villainy

The Upstairs Gang splits up, with Ruth, Averof, and Caeda attending an Alliance party, and Devror, Hrafnir, and Nadyra stealing a dangerous artifact for Sakalli.

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3rd Dec 2022

Session 5: Innovations

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26th Nov 2022

Session 4: Gobriak

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18th Nov 2022

Session 3: Into Ashijan

A reminder that sessions are now Saturdays at 9am MST/10am CST/11am EST

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11th Nov 2022

Session 2: The Cursed Town

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4th Nov 2022

Session 1: Welcome to Larulan

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Ruth Vang