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Mount Vesciner (mount VEHS-ih-ner)

Rising above the magnificent city of Gobriak, Mount Vesciner is the tallest peak located at the southern edge of the Crowned Mountains. While the peak of the mountain rises almost 15.000 feet above the sea, the base of the mountain has been carved away by Ashijani engineers and scientists, and large sections of the base are hollow to make room for the Gobriak Interior.

Natural Wonder

Mount Vesciner was originally a uniquely tall mountain peak at the edge of the Crowned Mountain Range, and the valleys at its base served as a safe place for snowmelt to collect into a lake that flowed into the Wildward River. It's thought to have had some of the heaviest snowfalls in the western world, contested only by the Shernna Tundra and Moonari Ice Field at the poles.

Mortal Interference

Mortals have forever shaped the landscape around Mount Veshiner and the Crowned Mountains with their impressive engineering. The southern base of the mountain has been carved out to create a basin in which engineers rerouted the Wildward River to feed into the mountain. The Gobriak Interior is also carved out of the mountain's base, with a single notable entrance and exit.

Overall, the amount of the mountain that has been altered has been minimal due to its size, but with the expansionist goals of the Ashijan leadership and a notable growth in population over the past few decades, the Chancellor of Gobriak has allocated a cache of funds to the city's continued growth and development.
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14.948 ft
In recent years, a movement to minimize mortals' impact on the natural world has begun to push back against what they consider "disgusting attempts to justify your existence" by engineers and developers transforming landscapes to suit their needs.

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