The ward is a major component of local government within Morton and the other towns of the Moran Duchy. The size varies both in terms of area and population for while the Pledges that make up the next leayer of civic society are fluid and ever changing, the wards are more fixed and long lasting, often dating back to the time the area became part of the town.


The ward is lead by its Alderman, who serves for a period of five years on the Berman's council. Answerable to the Aldermen are the representatives of the individual pledges, though in the more popular wards this is often via one or more deputies.   These pledge representatives form the Alderman's council, along with up to half their number that the Alderman can co-opt as representatives of trades within the ward or for secific knowledge and skills. This council also serves as the lowest level of justice for things that cannot be settled within a single Pledge either for reasons of wider impact or the nature of the restitution or punishment sought.   The wards also form the basis for the "volunteer" arm of the miltia, and the leader of the volunteers within the ward will normally be one of the co-opted members of the alderman's council for in times of disorder or threat

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