Shrine of a Household God

Most households maintain a shrine to their Household God that serves as a focus to their various rituals. The form of this varies widely with boxes or small chests common, especially among the more mobile groups. In some cases, especially in the lands south of the Moran Mountains it will also contain an effigy representing the god, which plays a part in the execution of Narravine. In the Moran Duchy and the Kingdom of Mor, where effigies are less frequently encountered, the shrine often takes the form of a bowl.

They will often be ornately decorated, though for the more mobile types the decoration is rarely on the external surfaces. Shrines may remain in use for several generations where a household maintains its relationship with its god.

Regardless of the form it takes, the shrine will always contain tokens representing each member of the household or group. These are added or removed as part of Hearthhome and the Rite of Passing. Small models of them, pictures or strips of metal engraved with the member's name are all common.

How to Win Enemies and Cause Offence

It will come as no surprise that interfering with a shrine is an insult to the household who's god it represents. Damaging it, adding or (worse) removing items can all result in offence even when it is accepted that it was accidental.   In short beware the box or bowl of knick knacks in a prominant position on a table, dresser or shelf.


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