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Little Kingdoms

The Little Kingdoms is a area populated by the Mor. Unlike their Northern cousins though, the Little Kingdoms have cherished and protected their independence and are perhaps better seen as a collection of tribes or clans. It has been suggested by some that the term "Little Kingdoms" owes more to the sarcasm of their neighbours than it does to their own views - certainly their leaders have no pretensions of an all encompassing ruule and no settlement in the Little Kingdoms, with the exception of Orris is more than a village. Independence and self sufficiency are their watchwords and most of the Little Kingdoms would never seek to destroy or subsume their neighbours - raid and steal their cattle certainly, but the whole point of being dominant is to be respected for your dominance by others and for that you need the others to be separate from you.
Although Orris is without doubt the largest settlement across the Little Kingdoms do not mistake it for a capital - it is a usefully positioned port serving as a market and meeting point for the north western part of the Morivan Sea and little of its influence runs to the landward side.


The Little Kingdoms are a diverse area, with grassland plains to the north west and forests to the south east with the southern end of the Morran Mountains splitting the two. The far south eastern corner is home to the port city of Orris and a cleared local area of agricultural land reclaimed for the forest and although this is the largest settlement across the Little Kingdoms, and its controlled area is the largest of the Little Kingdoms it is not their capital and claims no wider overlordship of its neighbours.

Fauna & Flora

The central spine of the Morran Mountains splits the Little Kingdoms into two separate areas for their wildlife. The western section is predominantly grasssland whilst the eastern is mainly conifer forest. The wildlife of both is characterised by midsized game, and although settlement is fairly uniform across the areas, wild predators still roam with moderate freedom. The high mountains of the central spine are home to the Morran Oryx which favours the southern p[art of the range above the similar habitats to be found in the Moran Duchy and the Kingdom of Mor .

Natural Resources

While the northern plains are fertile and capable of great agricultural productivity, the granular and small scale nature of the Little Kingdoms means that agriculture is only conducted on a local basis and that significant surpluses are rare. The forests of the southern regions are exploited for timber, supplying a small export trade and ship building at Orris , but again this is not something exploited beyond the local levels. In respect of mineral wealth, the Morran Mountains have yet to reveal the sorts of deposits found in the northern parts of the range that have formed the basis of the prosperity of the Morran Free Cities, the Duchy and the Kingdom.

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