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Masela's Underwater Temple Ruins

Masela was the Lady of the Seas. She fell at the battle of Deismaar and almost poetically her temple fell into the ocean.   Since then seaweed, coral, sponges and other sea plants have grown across the temple that lays across three different shelves on the ocean floor. Many animals find safe harbour here where not even the merfolk guardians of the temple will harm. For any sea creature is deserving of Masela's love and protection even if she is no longer here to give it.

Purpose / Function

A temple dedicated to the worship of the goddess Masela that was on the shore line, but over time has sunken into the sea, almost poetically as the goddess herself has fallen.

Sensory & Appearance

There is not a lot of light available due to how deep into the ocean the temple lays. The cool waters add to the sadness of viewing a temple to a dead Goddess.


Merfolk has moved into the temple and look after it the best they can to honour Masela the best they can, allowing the ocean to take it's natural course on the structure, but ensuring the landwalkers do not pillage and disrespect the temple.


Hidden somewhere around the ruins in a magical compass that can lead the attuned user to whatever their heart desires.

Hazards & Traps

  • The merfolk take offense to anyone coming to the temple and disrespecting it. 
  • Also from time to time parts of the temple will fall from each shelf onto the next lower one. 
  • There are rifts and currants to keep in mind when swimming in the ocean.


Temples of Masela are very simple and minimalistic. They are typically a courtyard with a statue in the centre and small buildings in the East and West of the courtyard where offering can be brought and left. The courtyard itself is always a beautiful mosaic with ocean themes. This one has dolphins, seaweed, starfish and lots of sea shells. The statue is of Masela holding her trident and extending a hand down towards whomever would stand in front of her directly.


This building once stood on the cliff above the ocean, but over time the land eroded and the temple fell into the ocean, the mosaic into 3 different sections and each falling to a different shelf on the ocean floor, creating a layered affect. The little buildings were completely destroyed and the statue was knocked from it's place, it's arms broken off and lay in pieces on the bottom shelf.


It's a forgotten location to most and will not get much in the way of tourism.
Temple / Church
Parent Location
Environmental Effects
Subject to the ocean and as such oxygen breathers need to bring their own oxygen.
Related Ethnicities
Owning Organization


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