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The blooming white orchid of Cereta

  The gracious title of white orchid was not given to Honju without a good reason. Like a white orchid blooming amidst a garden of untamed flowers, To have the beauty that she is known for centuries, Honju has withstands a great deal of political change. Today, Honju could often be referred to as the glorious central of gambling and the dominating capital region of the Koiga sovereignty. Her city is known for being brutalized by propaganda and its global appearance sweetened by bribery. Honju was able to enrich herself by frequently trading with her contract partner, Haradoc. Now that her citizens are civilized and no longer have the need to hunt hourly to survive like their ancestors, the population of Honju, proudly named Henjuanese, are free to specialize in their desired fields, launching Honju straight past other regions in agriculture.   Before the rise of the Koiga Sovereignty, the interference of the Helbarnese. Before any of that. The henjuanese were hunters by tradition, Known on Cereta for their plated armors adapted from the remnant of predators that dare attempted to hunt them. much as They are also one of the most intimidating armies to face in ancient warfare. Victory Morals of war are just a rule to be spat on by their soldiers. . Their army will never run out of rations if victory keeps landing on their path. This perspective can occasionally apply to allies as well. However, after their final grand trade with the decaying ancient Helbarnese empire in 247 ME. The Henjuanese kingdom began to evolve rapidly with the new technology that they purchased. By the end of 1253 ME they were able to conquer a large part of Haradoc, the dominating region of that period. The captured land, later on, grow up to become Chime City, the unstoppable technological leader of the current generation.   However, their victory against the Haradic wasn't possible a few years back. After trading their position of power with the Helbarnese empire. Before the Haradic was able to transport the news around their region. With the small state of Honju at the time and their community being held together like a net. The Henjuanese kingdom soon enforced a big enough army with the goods they gained from trading ships with the Henjuanese and began to expand their territory deeper into Elcorodion Green aggressively. All of this couldn't be done without a leading force; of course, a leader is required to organize the campaign and strategize their move to obtain such large-scaled hegemony. Although a few months before their expansion, the Henjuanese lives in different communities separated from each other, with only a small capital that have limited control over the country. However, after the arrival of the Henjuanese empire, they were taught how to organize their country into one with the assistance of new Helbarnese councilors inside their kingdom. And soon, they were able to gather their small separated country into a disciplined kingdom ready to take over the Elcorodion Green.   Despite most of its history being built on the shoulders of blood manipulator and generator. The royal council of Honju and the Church of Mikalis's water, (which is mostly conducted by women who are soul generator or manipulator) finds that it would be harder to gain political domination with the large portion of their community being blood born. Therefore they establish a new law to reward families that have given birth to soul born and forbidden blood born from entering their army. After letting their order settle in for a good few centuries, the churches around Honju declared that all blood-born are corrupted, and it is parallel to Mikalis's will to annihilate them for the good of the countries. Following the declaration are lavish rewards promised to those who either turned in or better, murdered blood born. With their army now made up of mostly Soul born, and the once large proportion of blood born in their population decaying. And by 1264 ME, the campaign rolls out as if nothing is lying on its path. Tight headed Blood born with powers are soon to be overwhelmed by the royal army, and all of the talented manipulator and generator are too stuck up on their head to collaborate, resulting in the mass majority of them being drowned to death in the name of Mikalis and sending the rest which happens to be lingering, to either flee into neighboring regions or into hiding.   Now that their biggest competitor is wiped from their concern, The political strength of the Henjuanese government spruce in growth; laws that they passed out are no longer met with criticism or rebellion, and their technology bloom like violet tulips in the dawn of spring. However, wiping out the Blood Born also wiped out Honju's intimidating factor for the neighboring countries. Without the red color of blood in their army, their strength is diminished by a vast seventy-five percent. And only after the end of that year, as if men were water and water were men, waves and waves of Haradic soldiers flood into their border, easily cutting through the vulnerable front line defense formed of Soul and Time Born with their blade. Villages were scorched into ash, and territory is either recaptured or captured. It is only by the mercy of Mikalis that in that a barricade of storm bash in that late summer. Giving the Henjuanese Dominion an opportunity to recollect their strategy. However, out of the eight of the most brilliant mind on Honju, no answer was given. Luckily, amidst imminent defeat, rises a small political party proudly named the Koiga Sovereignty, which asks the royal house of Honju for their political power to make peace with the raging Haradic Kingdom. With the borrowed mandate of Mikalis and the brilliant manipulation ability of their leader. An alliance was made with the Haradoc Kingdom, with an exchange of Chime City being the neutral ground between Haradoc and Honju. Serving as the trading center between the two.   However, after the occasion. The radiating dew of Mikalis has yet to return to the Royal House of Honju and to be frank. It has forsaken them for the Koiga Sovereignty. After the army of Haradoc retreat back into their region, despite being asked for more than numerous times, The "borrowed" power was not returned to the Royal House of Honju. As the Koiga threaten the royal house that another war against Haradoc will start once they return their power. And just like that, the once dominating Royal House that once rules over the ever-expanding Henjuanese Dominion became a puppet for the Koiga Sovereignty to gain the power they have today.



The Royal Council of white orchid

  With only a quarter of soul bloom having the color of their flora aura being pure white. It is already a challenge to find a fully white soul bloom, even in the vast population of Honju. However, a significantly rarer counterpart to these white flora aura is white flowers within the orchid types, which are impossible to be a natural creation and are only achievable after generations of selective marriage between different royal houses located in a northern city of the Honju region named Ju.   Since SoulBlume with a pure white orchid aura is vastly better at manipulating or generating souls than other soul's flowers, they could perform moves and abilities that are scientifically impossible for a normal SoulBlume. Over time, These SoulBlumes then began to form up a tradition to perform plays within their communities. Their power, fame, and reputation began to grow rapidly and ferociously like wildflowers within the Henjuanese community, as weekly entertainment activity is not what the henjuanese culture is accustomed to.   Although what they do is seemed as innocent on the outside, Behind the curtain of their plays, these soulblume alliances are secretly scheming an ambitious campaign for hegemony. Their reputation and influence on the masses combined with the weak influence of the government politically have allows them to covertly sneak propaganda that painted houses that oppose them badly into their plays. Some of those unfortunate houses were soon economically weakened, and the House of white orchid offers them assistance to keep them afloat in exchange for their political power and obedience. Most house yielded to their domination infear of the masses rioting and being assassinated as the Ju province held some of the best Soul Manipulator in the region.   However, despite their popularity, they were nowhere close to becoming the ruler of the region, and for two generations, it had stayed that way. That is until the great migration of the Helbarnese empire. Although they have ships made by Haradic that were fully capable of crossing the ___ sea, they would still require lasting provision to feed their population. Therefore, They made an offer with the Henjuanese to exchange dried foods for scholars with their knowledge on different subjects being able to trail into a section of the library of Sakharus. Currently enjoying a fruitful harvest, the Henjuanese gladly accepted their offers.   The period that followed after the transaction brings overall changes to most aspects of Honju. More frequent trading for metal with the Haradic as they now know how to forge different tools and weapons, more farmlands are issued as more crops and designer seeds were introduced to them. It was not long before the power of these helbarnese parallel which of the governor. Seeing an opportunity for hegemony, the royal house of soul blooms began to bribe and later on schemed with the henjuanese to help them remove the old and incompetent ruler. And after several years, a coup was staged and the royal council of white orchid was formed.   The royal council of white orchid is a government that consisted of only soul bloom, controlling the whole system are two empresses. With control over cultural events, they could make the old tradition of the royal house of white orchid a formal ritual. However, instead of performing monthly, once a year, they would deliver to the public a play around the eastern region of the country to maintenance their political influences.   And after a few years, their professional army was ready with five hundred thousand soldiers, and the capital city Honju ignited a campaign to reunite the Honju region. With their new war strategy and weapons, even the stubborn __ tribes, which have been unconquerable inside their green labyrinth for hundreds of years, were forced to drop their weapons.   After the whole region was united into one in ___ME due to immovable obstacles like walls of foggy mountains and vast lakes blocking trading routes and messenger. The royal house was forced to separate the country into seventeen provinces that were governed by different warlords. However, the further the state is from the capital, the more difficult it is to guide the region as the overwhelming amount of blood bloom within the population refuses to follow the order of soul bloom that they have never met. Leading to a rebellion that blooms into a genocide that burned a scar into the region. ┗─━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛

Industry & Trade

Bleeding from its numerous mountain ranges, run streams of rivers feeding and fertilizing the soil below it. Covering the vast low land of Honju with consuming forests makes the ground more than capable of producing healthy and hearty crops like Lotus, Grain, and rice to feed its blooming population. With the overwhelming surplus of food on their hand. The Henjuanese soon discover a method to preserve their crops from going spoil. The method includes putting food inside hollowed Lumnity bamboos collected on the Anairus Ocean's coast, allowing the natural salt from the bamboo to sink into the food, extending the expiration date. The unique salt also adds a distinctive taste and flavor to the dish it touches. Making a trademark of authentic Henjuanese cuisines that only the Lumnity bamboo can produce.   Unsurprisingly, with the floaty geography of eastern Honju came new types of floating crops which are always in heavy demand by the royal henjuanese living on floating fortresses. although these vegetations are lighter in energy and nutrients, they are also much more graceful and varied in taste, which fits the fragile taste bud of royalty.   With the abundance of grains and vegetables larger than they can maintenance after every harvest. A significant fraction of their produce is traded to her partner, Haradoc, and her little daughter Chime City. Since Chime City severely lacks farms for food production, The food traded to her from Honju is crucial to the survival of the metropolis.   It is difficult not to notice the pilling layers of clothing that each Henjuanese wears. From the noble empresses in the royal council of White Orchid to even a humble woman half-submerged in a lotus farm. all of them are blanketed from shoulders to toe in cotton or silk if they can afford it, only revealing their arms and face, which have been painted with layers of makeup.   Although their population was more modest during that time period. The demand for Honrugan was soaring to the level of demand for food. And as the Honrugan trade was currently much more beneficial and less risky than even farming floating crops, this creates many farms and wove factories dedicated to sewing these uniforms.   Before they reunite the region, colored Honrugan is usually hard to obtain and are only worn by the royal as most of the dyes are traded from Haradic Merchant at a high price. And their color choices are only limited to a few teals of blue and orange as a selection for their palette. However, the Haradic dye economy began to shift as the blood lust henjuanese tribes from northern Honju come into play. Gifting the Henjuanese empire with edge cutting weapons and their invention of red and purple dyes that were created from the roots and blood of the predator in the green labyrinth that they called a forest. These colorful liquids were made as a replacement for blood in their traditional rituals and baits to lure animals into their traps.   The Haradic were not only selling their dye to the Henjuannese, as they also purchase their silk and cotton and commission customized Charungan.   The surplus of silk also allows Honju to become the first country to invent silk impregnated paper which the Haradic also heavily demanded to create armor that is suitable to be worn by an Aquabloom as metal proved to be much less



  The temperate climate of Honju has allowed for agriculture and population to thrive in the region, which leads to the rapid development of technology relating to agriculture and population development   Floating palaces that have been built among the impenetrable clouds and fog of northern honju, anchored on pillar-shaped mountains and interlocking bridges for stability, these dazzling structures are only reserved for royal houses and rich merchants that can sustain through their insurmountable tax. Not only that these settlements make wonderful tourist locations, but the spectacular sight also provides a slightly obscured vision of the peasants on the ground, tending to their farm and livestock. Although their views from above are greatly disturbed by fogs and clouds, the Royal houses of Honju were able to deceive the ignorant part of their demographic and utilizing this advantage to its full capacity to inform more discipline and orders on their land. They managed to pull this off by convincing the masses into thinking that their activities are always being watched from above.


Like the Shagafarian, Henjuanese architecture is designed to draws in as much wind as possible. However, Unlike their desert-dwelling friend that needs wind to survive. The henjuanese believe that wind greatly cleanses and strengthen their souls, and they would require the essence of the sky, being winds to do so. Leaving their architecture to be more oriented to draw air inside their buildings. Either it is through carving rows or windows or hanging their house floating in the air if they can afford to do so.


The Honju region is a vast region occupied with over worldly landscapes. Separating the border of the Honju region and the Elcorogion Green region are ranges of mountains that have been sculpted like pillars through relentless rainfall, each breathing with caves that lead into tunnels as dark as the abyss, some could even be the place of training for martial art sects. The most well known of which is the Duquan mountain range standing between the Helbarnese empire and the Henjunase kingdom. These mountains are the perfect landscape to find tier 3 and tier 4 Zerafyte crystals.

Natural Resources

Thanks to the abundance of vast plain terrain in North Eastern Honju, lands that has been utilized for farming are not a rarity to encounters. These farms usually produce crops like ( crop name ) to feed the mass populous and ( name of floating crop ) to meet the demand of the royal houses above. There are also an impressive quantity of animal farm like
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Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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