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Cold Wind : A World of Rogues

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A planet blessed with the gift of life, with every living organism inhabited it powered by crystals named as the Zerafyte Crystal. After decades of the new race proudly called Abremen recovering from the Blank Era. Highly intelligent and creatives. Abremen originated from trees, but thanks to the zerafyte crystal, which animate them with the gift of movement. They were soon able to evolve and rise to become the dominant race of Cereta. With each individual able to manipulate or generate elements like blood, time, and souls through using flowers that grow on them. They were able to create inventions that protect them from the claws of even the direst of beasts. And built unique architecture to protect them from the harshest of environments. And as time fly by. Great cities like Entercon and Honju erected like mushrooms. Cereta was eventually tamed by the Abreman. With hundreds of unique cultures from different regions, each with their personality. Came the invention of quick communication, began the fight for authority over the planet. Separating a once peaceful Cereta into two opposing sides, the Hunter Organization and the Koiga Sovereignty.  
"Your tour guide awaits, Hunter."
Hunter Meganet

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Tour Guide ( recommended for newcomers )
"Interested in this little planet, are you? Wonderful! It looks like we already have some shared interest. Although I am not a Time Generator, I can already see a potential friendship growing out of this. I'm Sandme, I will be helping you navigate the mess of information below. Wouldn't a perfect place to start be in my home region, Haradoc?"
"To book a ticket to Haradoc, scroll down until you find the heading named "Touring Location" under "world Codex." Click on the entry, then continue by locating and clicking on "Haradoc." And soon, you could admire the beauty of the floating city of Haradoc. See you there !"

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