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Miwa Domina

◍ recording 4: The soul binder ◍

  Miwa Domina, once the royal princess belonging to the sacred ancient Domina Soul Generator family of Honju, the royal family that was formed during the transition of the ancient Helbarnese empire. Unlike the other royal families authorized by the Vortex Seeker religion, which are assigned with challenging tasks that strictly require sacrifices, with horrifying examples like the bloodthirsty Blood generator family located in the Hidden City of the Imparde Desert. Who thirst for the blood of individuals who they claimed as impure, to perform their sinister rituals. Or tasks with sky-high costs like the exalted and noble time Generator family of Entercon who requires vast quantities of Golds, which just recently has been reduced to gold plated silver, in order to decorate their prestigious clothing. Because the Time Generator family believes that Gold is the prime symbol for time, thanks to their timeless resilience,.Fortunately for the Soul Generator family, their monthly rituals only requires them to entertain their flower pantheon through performing in plays with all of their heart and souls, they also manage to earn vaults of income and reputation capable of hosting numerous feast thanks to the soul ripping impact of their performance. However due to this reason, every member of the Soul Generators family, from the goddess kissed Empress to a cheap replaceable servant, since birth are required to be forged into professional, exceptional or even legendary world-class actors based on their ranking, However similar to other families, Every members are also needed to be soul Generator, to maintain unbreakable synergies between each members during an act. unfortunately for Miwa, since birth Miwa was identified as a Soul manipulator, as a result, eventually she will end up with the fate of many manipulators before her. However, thanks to the blanket of lies that was cast on her by one of her empress's maiden, in order to increase the chance of Miwa surviving in the family, Miwa Domina was embedded in her thoughts that she is a Soul Generator by her maiden, Coating Miwa Domina with the flexible mindset of a Soul Generator.   Although her mind is stuffed with different skills, She has talents for none of them. However, there is one talent that Miwa Domina possesses a voice comparable to the chant of angel Mikalis. The voice capable of charming any Abreman when combined with a henjuanese poem.

Personality Characteristics


After being charmed by Sandme Ichura's story about different cities in Cereta, with her promise of showing her every bursting city and its corner in Cereta if she joins her journey with the Cold Wind Squad. Miwa decided to throw away her luxurious yet stressful life as the princess of Honju, and think of a plan to escape Honju and join the Cold Wind Squad to explore Cereta during their journey.


Since birth, Miwa cleans her self two times a day, eight days a week. Claiming that she can only focus when her skin feel smooth like silk, once her hair smells like petals of lotuses. This habit became one of the first challenges that Miwa has to overcome in her decision to join the Cold Wind squad, where butter infused soap and flower blessed perfume are out of her reach. What she has instead are cheaply made shampoo bought with most of Sandme's money. It has become such a significant burden that it almost pushes Miwa to leave the Cold Wind squad.


  Iam the bright yellow of the morning and you are the dark purple of dusk, Sandme. Although we have a world of differences. nothing pair well with eachother other than the two of us.
— Miwa Domina
Current Location
Year of Birth
2126 ME 17 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
unexpectedly, instead of being born a Soul Generator , Miwa Domina was born a Soul Manipulator.
wide , Haradoc blue
medium , hazelnut brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale white
53 kg

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