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both male and female henjuanese are usually more feminine than other abremen in other regions. The skin of female Henjuanese is usually white as if it was covered in milk and cream and their finger, long and reaching can twindle into any instrument or into the heart of other females Abremen.


Common Dress code

The henjuanese culture strongly believes in covering as much of their body as they can to protect it from evil spirits. Hence their baggy outfit. While they could cloak their skin with layers of clothing. their personal appearance has a lot of weight for the Henjuanese, and covering their heads, hands, and legs with silk is not exactly their definition of beauty. Therefore, in place of a blanket of clothing are layers of make-up on their face and paint extending from their arm to the tip of theirs fingers. This paint originated from an ancient tradition of the Henjuanese tribe before the arrival of the Royal house of White Orchid, however, instead of paint, they would cover their hand with blood from their prey or enemies. Resulting in the Henjuanese having the lightest skin tone in Cereta.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Before the unite of the region to form Honju. Their knowledge of agriculture is well, to nicely put it, the community with the best farmers can keep a tree alive long enough to harvest its fruit, and their cultivation skill is inconsistent throughout the region. Which they didn't need or care enough to use with forests filled with natural meat ready to be harvested at their disposal, making most henjuanese tribes rely on hunting to keep their small and separated communities alive.   This was once their primary income for food, However, after the region united into a kingdom. The vast land of Honju got a hold on the basics of agriculture, and soon their old hunting tradition began to die out. However, seasonally, on communities that located remotely from the capital of Honju, seasonally, there will still be large hunts that last for a few days.
  " In order to imagine the beauty of Mikalis, one can find the fairest Henjuanese woman and triple her beauty. "
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